Envy Wants.

Spirit shares gems of wisdom.

Spirit tells me that our spiritual journey through
the illusion that is human life must pass through
many valleys of doubt and wind around dark mountains
and dense forests of insecurity and fear.

We will lose faith in ourselves and even in the existence
of our goal, again and again. But, we will move on and on,
for something stronger and surer than our own will prepares
the path we follow, as the wise ones have always assured us.

Trust in yourself, He tells me. Build confidence on
the awareness of having come as far as you have. How did
you do it? Not without help. All angels and spirit guides
are dedicated to our success. And, so, we can none of us
not succeed. It’s only a matter of …


Not time, for there is none, or none that can be accurately measured.

Then, when we each are ready?


Then, how do I cope with my distress with myself for not
being able to become what I seem to know that I can become,
as quickly as I would like to?

What’s the hurry?

I seem to feel that I’m wasting precious time.

Compared to the progress of some others?


Yes. The need to compete is not entirely socially conditioned.
It is part of our nature, but its natural purpose has been
distorted by social conditioning.

Doing our best can inspire others to do more than they might
otherwise do. It was not designed to diminish others. Likewise,

We should admire those who seem to ee able to do what we

Yes. recognition of excellence is mutually beneficial.
It both expresses respect and inspires us, not necessarily
to be great, but to be the best that we can be. Envy is
neither emotionally nor spiritually a healthy state of mind.

Envy wants what other have without considering the price
some others may have paid for their success?


7 thoughts on “Envy Wants.

  1. If I read this correctly, then much of this message appears to be about the pernicious and futile nature of comparison, as well as the ubiquitous compulsion of ‘becoming’ – of the desire to become an idealised notion of what we think we should be, or what we imagine we will at some point be.

    I have found it helpful to rest with the idea that at any moment, then each of our unique contributions to the world are an expression of the perfect whole, without which – though that is impossible – the whole becomes less than perfect.

    What is it that we want to improve as regards, what is in any case, the perfect whole? In comparison, we seek to segment the perfect whole and mimic a portion it – to become that particular expression of wisdom, or to gain equivalence to certain qualities of that portion in a becoming.

    And yet all of these movements are acts of resistance against the perfect whole . . . are they not?

    With gratitude and respect as ever Jean.


    P.S. Please forgive my musings; as ever, they are meant only as a friendly exchange of ideas.

  2. Dear Hariod, Again, it is early in Vancouver, Canada, but I needed to pull myself from bed to share a tweet of a thought with my so-called followers, though, please God, may they be no more nor less than interested in what I might say. The tweet? Do we talk the talk that we walk, or walk the walk that we talk, and is it safe to do so?
    Your musings fascinate me and I only wish I was capable of them. Perhaps after coffee.
    When you speak of perfection, perhaps you mean completeness, since perfection may be different things to different people., and suggests a limit of quality beyond which there is no beyond. I need to believe in the concept of infinity in all things, an unlimited expanse of potential.
    Of course, being a restless, soul, any boundaries of thought, emotion, and potential would distress me.
    As far as wanting to improve, I much more than want to; I need to with a need that will not be easily denied.
    And, at the same time, I have walked and talked with Spirit long enough (or would it be more respectful to claim that He has walked and talked with me? Do teachers walk with students or ..? He does not accept me as a follower. He claims not to want any. Don’t follow me, He insists. Follow yourself. But, we can walk and talk and share with each other, for none is complete, alone. He believes in one-to-one community building, not as a form of exclusion but as a way to gradual inclusion.. Perhaps He is more like you than I am like either of you.
    Thank you again for your contribution.

    • ‘ . . . since perfection may be different things to different people, and suggests a limit of quality beyond which there is no beyond . . .’

      I do not intend any parallel with ‘quality’; so whilst I entirely accept that it does indeed suggest as much, ‘quality’ – as generally conceived – is, as you make clear above, subjective of course, and so issues from a narrow perspective.

      Hariod ❤

  3. Oh, dear, let’s not go there. “a narrow perspective” might sound critical of those who have not yet developed your depth of insight. We can only be where we are until we are somewhere else, if we ever are.

    • All I am saying Jean, is that ‘quality’ is a judgement of individuated subjectivity. Whilst there may be a consensus amongst the judgements, they remain still that.

      Contrastingly, what I referred to as ‘the perfect whole’ is not a judgement of my or any other mind. It is just a recognition that the completeness of all there is – whatever ‘is’ must be ‘complete’ – is perfect in so much as it can only be that way.

      So forgive me for saying so Jean, but it isn’t about ‘depth of insight’ or being critical.

      Hariod ❤

  4. Reblogged this on jeanw5 and commented:

    Trust in yourself, Spirit tells me. Build confidence on the awareness of having come as far as you have. How did you do it? Not without help. All angels and spirit guides are dedicated to our success, and so, we can none of us not succeed.

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