About My personal struggle with Spirit, as he teaches me about Life.

First let me explain why I am blogging. It really wasn’t my idea. I didn’t think that I could blog. But after searching for half a lifetime for a spiritual teacher without much success, I had been about to give up when what someone once told me would happen, when I was ready, did. “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” Well, actually, He didn’t appear in the usual way, if there is a usual way. I was meditating on something to write, perhaps, and then the pen in my hand started to move and write thoughts that were coming into my head, as they were coming in. They weren’t my thoughts, until I heard them, but they were thoughts that I could generally agree with. And, when I didn’t agree, a dialogue developed. I pretended to feel perfectly at ease with this new experience, but Spirit wasn’t fooled. He knew I was terrified and yet the power of intelligence and His charming (sometimes) personality was irresistible. I was hooked, and He has been teaching and guiding me ever since. Of course, since I seem by nature to be a very slow learner, my spiritual education could take some time; perhaps several lifetimes.

The blogs I offer represent some of the wisdom (at least I consider it to be so) that Spirit has shared with me. He prefers not to be called George, Sam, or William. Names are no more than labels, He tells me, and we’re given new ones every time we’re born.

I hope you also enjoy our blogs; jeanw5.me, Grass-Roots Spiritual Philosophy 101, and I Ching as a Way to Enlightenment.

Simple Seekers, and Simple Seeker Society

These are two new sites that have been added during the past year or so. I hope you visit them, and enjoy them.

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