Happy New Year 2014

Just to wish everyone the most glorious year of the their lives.

20/4 seems to hold a promise that no other year can claim.

It lies just ahead and around the bend of another year-end.

May we all have just cause to rejoice and welcome it and then

May we all have tears in our eyes at the wonder of it before it,

Too, passes into memory.

Wishing you all happiness, health, creativity and much love.


Life is a dance

Spirit tells me that in the dance of Life, specific energies

Blend or they do not. We each send out smoke signals,

Perhaps in the form of peace offerings, to heal a real or

Imagined offense, and to test the direction in which

Our relationship is moving.


Our peace offerings serve a useful purpose, even if

They are rejected. We have tasted the soup of our

Relationship. Is it too cool to enjoy? Is it too hot for

Comfort? Or, is it just right for a pleasurable and

Mutually satisfactory experience?.


Life is a dance, He repeats, so relax and move to the

Music of challenges and situations. And, trust yourself

To intuitively know when to move closer, step aside,

Back away – how to live your life, your way.

Coming in Seventh

Spirit tells me that coming in Seventh is usually

Out of the limelight. Medals of Gold, Silver, and

Bronze have already been won. Even glory

May not be awarded to a Seventh place contestant.


So, He asks me, Why do we strive to do and to be

All that we can do and be, when we suspect that

There are those who can and will, or might do

Much better?


Because we are not contestants and because we must

Do and be what we can, for whatever reason?


Yes, and more. We seem to know that we contribute to

The glory of those who win it. We help them do and be

Better than they might otherwise do and be, simply

Because they know we are close behind them.




The steering wheel of my life

Spirit tells me that it isn’t necessary for me to let go of

The steering wheel of my life until I can do so willingly,

And with confidence that God, Life, The Universe, or

He will take control.


But, He suggests that if I can learn to relax and gradually

Release the tenseness of my grip on the wheel, then

This will improve the quality of the ride and allow me to

Enjoy the scenery.

Denial and Rejection serve us well

Spirit tells me that denial and rejection serve us well,

While they serve us at all. However, inevitably and

Unavoidably, acceptance of reality wins the game.


Whether or not we eagerly strive toward enlightenment,

Awareness, or a simple acceptance of Life as it is, is a

Personal choice and expresses our Individual style, or

Coping skills – our way of playing the game of Life.


Life is as sifted flour

Spirit tells me that Life is not so much non-spatial as of

Limitless space, and not so much integrated as

Beyond the conceptual limits of integration.


Sifted flour, He tells me, can be measured, and yet,

No measure produces anything other than flour.

Whatever size of measuring cup is used, what is

Contained within the measuring cup is sifted flour.


Life, Spirit tells me, is like that.



Uphill all the way

Spirit tells me that the path of enlightenment

Must necessarily be an  uphill struggle.


We rise to enlightenment, He tells me.

We do not go down to it, but

There are landslides along the way.

Arrogance is one of them.


Enlightened people are no better or worse than

Those who are less enlightened.

A full container is no better than one

That is only hall-full.

It simply holds more of whatever,

While it does.


Life is a story that writes itself

Spirit tells me that Life is a story that writes itself.

Today is not separate from yesterday in any real

Sense. Today emerged from yesterday and will

Transform itself into tomorrow as part of a

Continuous progression of situations and events

Designed to serve Life’s purpose.


Which is?


To expand our awareness, both individually and



Our awareness of what?


Our awareness of our own awareness.

Thinking is a game

Spirit tells me that thinking is a game and perhaps He’s right.I somehow need to struggle with ideas and Spirit provides me (bless His soul), with a seemingly endless supply of these.

Sometimes I think I know the what and why of a particular mental challenge He slips into my mind, but, before I can take hold of the how, it slips away, as my inner resources suddenly collapse, as a balloon does, when filled to beyond capacity with hot air.

Spirit smiles at my distress and suggests that I accept that there are games in this world, and beyond, that are beyond me, at least for now, and that I should be able to recognize games that I can’t yet win.

Stop. He spoke of this world and beyond. Now I challenge Him. How can there be a beyond if there is only one world?

“There is and yet there will always be a beyond”.

“As in Buzz Lightyear’s “to infinity and beyond”? (Buzz is a Toy Story character).”

“Yes and no.”


“Our world expands to infinity, and expanding awareness is our mode of travel.”

How can I argue with such beautiful logic?