Thinking is a game

Spirit tells me that thinking is a game and perhaps He’s right.I somehow need to struggle with ideas and Spirit provides me (bless His soul), with a seemingly endless supply of these.

Sometimes I think I know the what and why of a particular mental challenge He slips into my mind, but, before I can take hold of the how, it slips away, as my inner resources suddenly collapse, as a balloon does, when filled to beyond capacity with hot air.

Spirit smiles at my distress and suggests that I accept that there are games in this world, and beyond, that are beyond me, at least for now, and that I should be able to recognize games that I can’t yet win.

Stop. He spoke of this world and beyond. Now I challenge Him. How can there be a beyond if there is only one world?

“There is and yet there will always be a beyond”.

“As in Buzz Lightyear’s “to infinity and beyond”? (Buzz is a Toy Story character).”

“Yes and no.”


“Our world expands to infinity, and expanding awareness is our mode of travel.”

How can I argue with such beautiful logic?


3 thoughts on “Thinking is a game

  1. Thinking is not a game.
    It’s a mistake.

    Why always HE?
    Why not sHE?
    Indoctrinated to a particular text?

    YOU choose to struggle with ideas,
    at least you notice these are endless.
    And what are these ‘ideas’ but thoughts?
    The mental challenge cannot ever be won.
    You cannot slay what does not exist.
    Or win an imaginary race with an imaginary finish.

    When you accept there are games in this world
    It is not Spirit who smiles. Something else
    gets to keep you away from what you seek.
    That something wants you to keep up the
    thought that the future will save you.
    In the future you know all.
    “Too bad it’s only today” it says and smiles.

    “To infinity and beyond” – can it be true?
    Infinity encompasses all.
    How can anything be beyond the ALL?
    Is there a world and a beyond?
    Is there a you and an enlightened you?
    Which is real? Which is a story?
    (just ask Buzz, he’ll tell you)

    You seek, but do not find.
    Your words betray
    someone caught in the fray.
    Which is up
    and which is down.

    Running through every thought
    wishing it would prove to be
    more than naught.
    Can you let your
    conditioning go?

    “Oh” you say,
    “No, not me”
    “My mind is sharp”
    “I’m not conditioned in any way”

    Conditioned to think.
    To think this way.
    To deny your Self
    In each and every way.
    Each believed thought
    drives life away.

    To think you are
    To hope you’ll be
    To remember what you were
    All hide infinity

    Yet perfect you are
    You’ll always BE
    It’s inside you
    Just ignore the thoughts
    and you’ll SEE

    • Dear Craig,
      I am impressed with the effect that “Thinking is a game” must have had on your own thinking, for you to take the time and put out the necessary energy to respond as sincerely as you seem to have. I am totally pleased that you were stirred to express yourself as well as you have. You obviously do not agree with me but that’s fine. It would be a very dull world if everyone agreed with everyone else. We need diversity of thought and emotion, and a multitude of strengths of these. It all serves to help us understand our own position, as it is in the physical world. If I see you to my right, then, I say to myself, I must be to your left. Our positions are necessarily relative to the positions of everyone else.
      As to the seemingly sexist term, He, I refer to my spirit teacher, who claims to be masculine, and though I cannot see him with my material eyes, I sense masculine qualities. Of course, spirit guides must be both masculine and feminine, and possibly each is the other or both, if and when it serves their purpose.
      Thank you for taking the time to share your response with me and everyone else who might visit this blog.

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