Continuous Creation as an unavoidable way of life

Spirit tells me that everyone creates in a continuous

And unending development of their life. Some may

Call it a lifestyle, but a way of life is the way we

Choose to create our life. We cannot not create


When we eat, He tells me (I have just finished

Eating a delicious meal that I prepared myself, so

It could be sour grapes – Spirit may not be able

To eat).. He repeats Himself, when we eat, we

Are nourishing or abusing our body.

Eating far beyond (I may have overeaten

A little) what is necessary to sustain

And nourish healthy growth.


Addiction to food is still addiction. I

Feel no remorse. My taste buds enjoyed

The food, and approved of my efforts.

My appetite, wherever that resides,

May have been a bit greedy. My body

Does feel a bit too full. This is abuse,

Spirit tells me, and I suppose He’s right,

Again. My digestive system, He tells me

Has been the victim of my obvious lack

Of self-control, and now must work,

Beyond what a small meal

Would have required of it.


Now comes the real guilt trip. He

Suggests that my digestive system

Has now become an unwilling

Participant to disease creation,

Obesity being, in Spirit’s mind,

A created disease process.

I will try to eat less, next time.

Simplicity is different things to different people

Spirit asks me to try to develop

A more simple lifestyle.

What would it look like,

I ask Him.

Simplicity is, He tells me,

But, of course, I already knew,

Different things to different people.

I do, now, live a much more simple

Lifestyle than I would choose to live,

If choosing is all it took. But,

It does seem to require more,

Perhaps a more generous

Spirit teacher?

I tell Spirit that I need pleasure and

Comfort in my life, and, since I am

For now, in a world of matter, then

Why not enjoy it, if I can.

I need pleasure and a certain level

Of comfort. Spirit surprises me

With, So do I.


What is a promise made of?

Spirit asks me, What is a promise made of?

I had never thought of a promise as being

Composed of or built or created of

Anything outside of itself. But,

Intention came to my mind,

Perhaps placed therein by Spirit.

A promise expresses an intention.

An intention to do what?

Spirit answers for me, An

Intention to let me…

To let you what?

Where is the do?

This discussion is getting over my head.

There is no discussion.

Then, what are we doing?

One of us is stalling.

For what?

For time, and there is no time.

Then, what must I do?

To what?.

To satisfy you.

Satisfy yourself.


Now we’re getting somewhere.


Toward accepting that

I need nothing from you, but

You need me.

For what?

For life, for everything.

A Formless and Tuition-Free Academy of Higher Learning

There is no urgency, Spirit tells me. There never was

And never will be. Perhaps not for Him, but it stresses

Me to be, or seem to be, a very slow learner of His

Gems of Wisdom. Sometimes I wonder how

I could ever grasp the depth of insight

That seems almost comprehensible

And yet still beyond my understanding.


At times like this I feel compassion

For Spirit, my teacher, whom I greatly

Respect, but do not always show it.

Why? I fear I’ll lose myself in

The immensity of his energy, that is

So totally beyond that of my own.


The compassion I feel for Him comes

When I consider that possibly

He was assigned to teach me,

Perhaps as a Cosmic joke.


Spirit seems to smile at my misplaced

Compassion, if it is misplaced, and

I suddenly feel appreciation and gratitude

Beyond measure, for being blessed with

The opportunity to study at a

Tuition-free and formless academy of

Higher Learning. Then I wonder, as if

To bring myself back to a denser form

Of thought, do formless energies have

Form other than of their own choosing?


Spirit assures me that, just as all matter

Has form and energy, so it is with Him

And all so-called formless energies.

Form, He tells me, is in the eye

Of the beholder, but not as beauty is.


Ten thousand easier ways

Spirit tells me that one of us seems to be unaware of

Where we are or where we are going, or

How we have planned to get there.


Planned? I don’t remember planning

This route through life.

There simply has to be

An easier way.


Perhaps there are ten thousand

Easier ways, He tells me, but

This is your/our way.


Did we draw straws or roll dice?


Neither of the above. Our way is

A gift that we have given to



How? and Why?


Free will or, rather, the price

Or consequence of such.

The Soup of Life

Spirit tells me that repetition of

Similar experiences is not always

Enough to teach us the lessons

They might have taught us if

We had reflected or meditated on

Their cause and consequence, and

Considered how a different

Approach might have had

A different result.


Perhaps, He tells me, if we had

Put less salt into the soup, then,

A richer flavour of the soup’s

Contents could have been



Whether altering our approach,

Our response, can never be known,

For sure, until we try.


Experiment with your life,

He tells me, but in an

Intelligent way.


New Beginnings require endings

Spirit tells me that

New beginnings require endings.

We each must learn

Through experience, how far

We can go in making

Concessions to please others,

For whatever reasons.


There is a limit, He tells me,

That only experience can

Teach us.


When it becomes more painful

To hold onto than to let go, then

A chapter in our Life ends, and

A new one begins.


Even then, we may still be

Involved with whomever or

Whatever we have let go of, But

It will never again be as it

Once never was.


The Lie we live serves us well, or does it?

Spirit tells me of a certain woman He knows,

Better than she knows herself, who,

Lived a lie. To all she knew or

Thought she knew, she was a fool,

A simple fool who could not, or

Would not face the truth, and then

Something happened, or did it,

And, if it did, then how and why.


We only see what we see and know

What we know, and we hardly know

Ourselves, so how can we dare

To think that we can know

Someone else.


She was aware, Spirit tells me, of

Being considered a simple fool, and

She played that game, buying time,

Until the fear of facing the truth,

Her truth, would become less than

The pain of living a lie. And,

She seemed to know, or

At least trusted that it was

Only a matter of time, and that

Time was on her side, and

It was, and is, and, so it is

With everyone.


Perennial Wisdom began as a grass roots movement

Spirit tells me that

All perennial wisdom began

As a one-to-one

Grass roots movement.


Our way is a new way,

A new way to the old way,

Spirit tells me, and

As the old ways began,

It too, is, for now,

A one-to-one grass roots

Way. Help Me. Help Us

To spread our message

Up and out to the world.


The whole idea scares me.

I surely was not designed

To be part of such a mission.


Give me a chance, Spirit asks,

To prove I can do it, My way.

A top-down message

He tells me, encourages

Corruption, dependency, and

Materialistic leaders.



Perhaps it is my destiny to be

A simple follower, but

I must believe in

My Spirit Teacher,

Even if somewhat



Compassion flows as a Pressure Gradient

Spirit tells me that compassion flows

When it does, as a pressure gradient,

In response to a recognition of

Suffering, as that suffering flows

Back to us, to be relieved by

The compassion that we send

To those for whom we care for,

When we recognize their pain.


We may pity the plight of whomever,

And be thankful that we do not share

Their pain. but, claims Spirit,

When we feel compassion, we

Not only recognize the pain,

We feel it as we would our own.


Rules can teach  us, or try to,

To feel pity for people or animals,

In distress, but, only personal

Experience can teach us

Compassion.  It is

A precious gift we give, and in

The giving, we share a common

Bond. Compassion expresses

Awareness of having suffered, and

We share that experience with those

For whom we feel compassion.


Why do we feel compassion? We

Know the pain and, perhaps we

Suffered more than the one for

Whom we feel compassion, because

Perhaps we suffered alone, and

Could not Wish that pain

On those we care for, whether

We know them or not.