Compassion flows as a Pressure Gradient

Spirit tells me that compassion flows

When it does, as a pressure gradient,

In response to a recognition of

Suffering, as that suffering flows

Back to us, to be relieved by

The compassion that we send

To those for whom we care for,

When we recognize their pain.


We may pity the plight of whomever,

And be thankful that we do not share

Their pain. but, claims Spirit,

When we feel compassion, we

Not only recognize the pain,

We feel it as we would our own.


Rules can teach  us, or try to,

To feel pity for people or animals,

In distress, but, only personal

Experience can teach us

Compassion.  It is

A precious gift we give, and in

The giving, we share a common

Bond. Compassion expresses

Awareness of having suffered, and

We share that experience with those

For whom we feel compassion.


Why do we feel compassion? We

Know the pain and, perhaps we

Suffered more than the one for

Whom we feel compassion, because

Perhaps we suffered alone, and

Could not Wish that pain

On those we care for, whether

We know them or not.


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