Introduction to Simple Seeker Society

The purpose or mission statement of Simple Seeker Society is to provide a format for interaction between myself, as the original simple seeker, and enthusiastic readers of the Simple Seeker series – Spirit Teaches a Simple Seeker – Thirty-Three Lessons of life, with each book presenting thirty-three so-called lessons. Spirit tells me that there will be books beyond the three times thirty-three lessons. Spirit’s Radical I Ching will follow, and then, perhaps there may even be a book on Kabbalah and Tarot. Who knows what the future might bring? Not me.

Spirit now tells me that there will be a beginner’s book on psychology for a new age – Spirit Teaches a Simple Seeker Psychology for a New Age.

ThisSimple Seeke Society is not yet an up and running reality, but I want to be prepared for the day when readers will have questions about Spirit’s teaching, and may also wish to share personal stories of their own along the path of spiritual development.

As a group, it’s my belief, that we can help each other to understand and cope with life’s problems. I like to think that the society will develop into a self-help group in which we each and all are as both students and teachers of life, for, in reality, we are. And, even beyond the roles of students and teachers, we are/will or may be developing into a simple seeker of our own. I may just have been chosen to play the original role, as were certain actors chosen to play the first James Bond, or Tarzan. We’re not that original, and yet, some of us seem more suited to a particular role in life than do some others. Not everyone can become a typical nurse, teacher, bus driver, etc. And, we each likely play many more roles than one during our lifetime, and even at the same time, more and/or less. Our working personality may be set aside when we return home to provide care for family and home, or just to unwind with friends and/or hobbies.

Another idea I have for the group is for us each to take turns, depending upon whether we wish to openly contribute. Some may prefer to plat the role of silent witness, for now. Some might even enjoy playing the role of Spirit, that mystery person in my life who seems to have all the answers to any question that I’m able to ask. There is also the possiblility that spirit will channel answers to some of your questions, through me, if it doesn’t make you feel too uncomfortable. He would set up the guidelines as to what he’s prepared ti disuss with any particular person. I don’t want it to become a group reading, or seance. Spirit did once ask me if I would be a trance medium for him. I declined. It wasn’t my stile. I’d be out of it, while everyone else actively participated. I was selfish. I’m still selfish, and yet, not as much so as I once was. I’d be willing to give it a go, if that’s possible with us all being physically disconnected.

To make the group feel as a group, perhaps we need to develop a group mantra, or something like that, and/or guidelines to help us keep on topic; whatever topic we wander into.

As for all the posts that are now on this page, that are not related to Simple Seeker Society, their days are numbered. I’m a slow learner and am over my head in trying to develop this page, not to mention this potential group, but until someone else comes along who knows more what they’re doing, and is willing to release me from the responsibility, I’ll just have to keep on keeping on, in my own limited way.

Thinking is a game

“Our world expands to infinity and expanding awareness is our mode of travel”. Why can’t I create such visuals with words?

Simple Seeker Society

Spirit tells me that thinking is a game and perhaps He’s right.

I somehow need to struggle with ideas and Spirit provides me

(bless His soul) with a seemingly endless supply of these.


Sometimes I think I know the what and why of a particular

Mental challenge He slips into my mind, but, before I can

Take hold of the how, it slips away, as my inner resources

Suddenly collapse, as a balloon does, when filled to

Beyond capacity with hot air.


Spirit smiles at my distress and suggests that I

Accept that there are games in this world, and

Beyond, that are beyond me, at least for now.

I should be able to recognize games that I

Cannot yet win.


Stop. He spoke of this world and beyond. Now I challenge Him.

How can there be a beyond if there is only one world?



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I Ching 30 – Clinging

Clinging to where we are and what we have become is also resisting future growth.

I Ching as a Way to Enlightenment

Today’s I Ching – 30 – Clinging

Fire above, Fire below.

Clinging follows Double Danger in the order of the Hexagrams.

Spirit explains:

Double danger is moving from danger into greater danger.

Fire over fire suggests the direction we have taken.

Now what? I ask, sensing a personal message.

Open your eyes and your mind, He tells me.

We must look back, now and then, to see

Where we have come from.

Are we moving uphill or down?

Without looking back we can’t measure our progress.

I think I get  the message, approval of

My moments of nostalgia.

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I Ching 16 – Delight

It’s a source of delight to look back on how far we have come and yet feel a deep sense of humility when we look ahead at how far we still must travel.

I Ching as a Way to Enlightenment

Today’s I Ching – 16 – Delight

Thunder above, Earth below

Delight follows Humility in

The order of the Hexagrams.

Spirit explains:

To be aware of how far

We have come, and yet, to know there is still

A long way to go, is to feel humility.

We can, Spirit tells me, take delight in how far

We have come, without losing a sense of

Humility when looking ahead.

The message? I ask.

Look back, He tells me, at What you have left,

But not to focus on what you have left,

But to measure how far you have come

Along The Way, along Our Way.

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Ego and Self Serve Each Other

Perhaps Ego and Self are one and the same concept, with Ego expressing a less enlightened aspect of our psyche than does our sense of Self.

Simple Seeker Society

Each day I randomly draw two Tarot cards to prepare myself

For what to expect re my relationship with Spirit.

Today’s first card was The Nine of Cups expressed by

A very self-satisfied person firmly guarding his treasures.

The second card was The Nine of Swords depicting a tragic figure

Tormented by regret.

Spirit tells me that contentment is the Middle Way, in which

Ego and Self flow into and sustain each other, as do

Yin and Yang, or Force and Form, the outer Pillars

Of The Tree of Life. Consciousness, the central Pillar

Serves to harmonize them

Without denying their uniqueness.

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Finding grace

Grace and Zen may be twins.

J.E. Reddington

Simple Definition of grace

: a way of moving that is smooth and attractive and that is not stiff or awkward
Grace is something I’ve been searching for most of my life. I think I’ve finally found her. She’s waiting with me now, quite close by. I can almost feel her breath on my neck. Her presence is soothing.
To tell you what it’s been like waiting for her, I would have to say that Grace is illusive. She doesn’t come even if you beckon her. She chooses her own friends and will not be swayed by my silly attempts to ingratiate myself with her.
Grace is here now with me. She joins me now in the minutes and hours after I meditate and exercise, when the dishes are done and I sit down to process the day. Knowing Grace allows me to move peacefully through the world.
For so long I…

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Zero to Hero

Blogging 101 – Assignment 1 – Self introduction.

How to introduce myself – now I remember – as in real University tutorials – tell us all about your life in two minutes.That being rather impossible and likely to put everyone to sleep, I’ll stick to the program questions:

  • Why am I blogging instead of keeping a journal? I have a dream, or at least at one time I had a dream of eventually writing a book.
  • What topics will I be writing about? I hope to integrate philosophy, psychology, current social topics, local and global politics, and mystical spirituality with references to and from as many of the ancient, and not so ancient wisdom sages from whatever tradition I become interested in, and I’m interested in them all.
  • Who would I like to connect with on my blog? All sincere thinkers.
  • If I blog successfully throughout the next year, what will I hope to have accomplished? I want to develop my unique style and voice, as a (ready or not I must tell you) channel for an inner voice whose identity is a mystery to me, for now.