Whatever works

Perhaps, even in struggling along the path to enlightenment, we have to keep asking ourselves whether we have chosen a career path or a way of life? What works, and why, for me?

Simple Seeker Society

Spirit shares timeless wisdom.

But, there are times when He seems to be
just too much.

Too much what?

Too much authority.

Too much for whom?

For me.

Such as when or how?

You seem to tell me that I must learn to walk
my talk, and yet I find myself walking your talk.

Is there a difference?

Yes, or at least in degrees of adherence to
simplicity. You don’t seem to understand
that physical life is different than life in
Spirit, alone.

In what way?

There is so much to enjoy in my world.

And, in mine?

God only knows what exists in Your world.

I know.

We’ve wandered from the topic.

One of us has.

Then, to get back on track, why do I find
myself trying to walk your talk when my
very instincts assure me that pleasure is
designed for earthly enjoyment.

It is.

Then, why…

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When we are not yet ready

We have to block out of our mind what we are not yet ready to deal with.

Grass-Roots Spiritual Philosophy 101

Georgia clasped her head between her hands to clear it from
the overwhelming visions that Spirit seemed to be flooding
her mind with. She needed a cup of warm water, just to hold onto.

The concept of herself and everyone else as being a Kabbalah-like
Tree of Life moving up a limitless Ladder of Light, with ever-
merging trees representing and reflecting the Universal Triad of
Power, Wisdom, and Understand, and these three energy centres
merging together as Love and Compassion reaching down to everyone
reaching up, and everyone was/is reaching up to receive, whether
or not they were/are consciously aware of this pressure gradient type
of two-way energy flow.

Wow! It’s just too much for me to deal with.

Then, don’t.

What does that mean?

We see what we have to see.

No. We have to block out what we are not yet ready to deal with.

Yes, even…

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Heroes come and go

Addiction to hero-worship is a stumbling block on the path to truth.

Simple Seeker Society

Spirit shares perennial wisdom with me,
and with anyone else who cares to listen
to our more-or-less private dialogue.

But, it is a dialogue with a difference.
How so? Spirit seems to know and, at time,
so I suspect, directs my thoughts, and
even my emotions.

But, He must pull them from a pool of
previously existing collection (in my mind,
or in my small share of cosmic mind), I do
recognize them as my own, more or less.

In this respect (as well as in depth of
awareness and intelligence) He has
a great advantage over me.

I can often suspect how He would likely respond
to whatever I might say, do, think, or feel, but
He often catches me by surprise with thoughts
far beyond what I might have suspected.

Why? Perhaps I have still to develop appropriate
respect for the depth of …

Why did you not…

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Male-Dominated Sacred Books

I Ching as a Way to Enlightenment.
Sacred books are male-dominated because they wrote them.

I Ching as a Way to Enlightenment

Spirit shares I Ching wisdom.

Hexagram 1 – The Creative. Heaven is over Heaven.

Why isn’t it just called, Power over Power, or
Yang over Yang.

It is called what it is called for a reason.

But, it isn’t possible to be creative just because
it is the most powerful card.

A feminist attack?

No, a simple truth. A feminine, or yin contribution
is necessary to any creative process or project.


Desire and passion are necessary inspiration, and
they are yin characteristics, while, as you know,
yang is more structural.

Structural? When did thought become structural?

It always was.

There is no mention of that in the wisdom history.

It went without saying because men wrote the books.


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Mysticism vs Mist

The mist of false understanding is as a curtain that prevents one from clear vision.

Grass-Roots Spiritual Philosophy 101

Our simple seeker could not yet let go of the mystical
insights of Kabbalah symbols such as The Tree of Life
transforming ..

No, it represents human consciousness continuously
transforming and transcending itself.

And blending into higher and higher, or deeper and
deeper integration and harmonization ..

Is there such a word?

You interrupted an intensive insight developing.

You were about to lose it.

How do you know?

Your so-called understanding of mysticism was
evaporating into mist.

What’s wrong with mist?

The mist of false understanding is as a curtain that
prevents one from clear vision.

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The Unknown; within and beyond

Yet another Universal Law.

I Ching as a Way to Enlightenment

Spirit shares I Ching wisdom.

16 – Pleasure – Thunder over Earth

Pleasure develops out of Humility and becomes Following.

Humility does not require low self-esteem. We can recognize
and take pleasure in knowing how far we have come on our
journey through Life, and yet, still be in awe of how far
we still must travel to satisfy our Soul.

Where does pleasure come into that awareness?

Pleasure is a necessary food for the Soul. Without pleasure
there can be no incentive to move forward.


Pleasure provides meaning to Life.


We must enjoy what we are doing or where our efforts
may lead us, or why do anything or move toward anything?

Fear of losing something?


I don’t know.


What does that mean?

The unknown will always be within us and beyond us.

How can it be within and beyond? Oh, no. Don’t tell me.

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A controlling interest

How can we ever explain, even to ourselves, the exact or complete nature of our relationship to anyone?

Simple Seeker Society

Spirit Shares Gems of Wisdom

Spirit asks me, what is our relationship? That puzzles me, as I believe it is as a student and teacher – a one-to-one, as a private tutor, as people with money might purchase.

I am not for sale, He tells me, which is just as well, since I have no money. Perhaps I could never have as much as it might take to offer what He is worth, to me.

But, student and teacher is only part of what our relationship is all about and so I must answer, I don’t know, yet.

Can we pretend, He then asks, to be what we know we are and can we relate to each other as we do, or seem to?

Then Spirit responds to my confused thoughts and emotions with, “Yes, I seem to have a controlling interest in your life and I do, for now.”

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Limits are for pushing

We (or at least some of us) seem to need to expand limiting boundaries. Spirit tells me that, in reality, there are no limits. Perhaps that’s because it’s all, in some way, an illusion.

Simple Seeker Society

Spirit tells me that limits are for pushing.
We seem to need to know that whatever we
have become and however we have expanded
boundaries that once seemed as horizons and
beyond our reach, we must go even further.

We are, as we were, much more than curious.
We are, as we were, determined to discover
how far we yet can go.

How far is it possible for us to go?

In reality, there are no limits.

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