Beauty Expresses Itself – Reason Does Not

Spirit shares wisdom with me. It’s not His wisdom,
He tells me. It belongs to everyone who cares to
claim it. He shares what has been shared with Him.

Problems arise, He tells me, when we each absorb
the wisdom we receive, from whomever, or whatever
source, according to our unique understanding,
that has necessarily developed through personal

How can what is necessary be a problem?

Not in itself.

How, then?

The problem develops when we seek to share our
understanding with others.

But, surely we need to share …

Yes, we need to share our unique understanding
at least with those who do seem to be aware of …

How can the awareness be shared but not
the understanding …

In the story of Buddha and the rose, the rose
expressed something to the teacher that he
wished to share with his followers….

And only one student responded with a smile
at the beauty of the flower.

Yes. They were all aware that it was a beautiful
rose, but were …

Trying to rationalize what message it was meant
to teach them.

Yes, appreciation of beauty for its own sake
requires emotional maturity.

Beauty expresses itself and reason does not?


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