Spirit’s Daily Philosophical Meditations – Book Four

1. Spirit tells me that

Rice fields prepared for the coming season are as an uncondiitonal commitment to the future.

There is no guarantee of a successful harvest, and yet, without preparation, there will be no harvest.

Life is like that.

We do what we can and hope that our efforts will be rewarded.

And yet, as the song goes, “That’s the chance you take.”


Ref. My 2023 facebook Posts – May 16


2. Spirit tells me that

Social conditioning protects society from the chaos of extreme individuality.

Is social conditioning our primary school of Life?

Does eveyone graduate and go beyond?

What is beyond that can build on what our early childhood caregivers and teachers have taught us about Life?

Do we then seek to learn from true elders of society?

How to find them?

Or, do they find us?


Ref. My 2023 Facebook Posts – May 18


3. Spirit tells me that

Electricity and magnetism as thoughts and emotions?

Each as the black hole that the other …?

You can’t have one without the othe because each may be an expression of the other.

Or is each of the pairs as a black hole that the other emerges from?

Reality is amazing, eh?


Ref. My 2023 Facebook Posts – May 18


4. Spirit tells me that

Beyond all sense of diffeence, there is a field of energy.

I’ll meet you there.

Actually, if the truth were known, we each and all are there, now, in a comfort zone that we may think is our own.

And yet, we each and all are part of coutless fiels of human energy.

Sometimes we feel more comfortable within a field of musical activity, and sometime if a field of relative silence.

Wherever we are, within our mind, we’re never alone.

We’re attracted to each other for many more reasons than one.

Like attracts like.

When we’re distressed about whatever, we don’t feel comfortable within a group of happy people.

So it is when we’re feeling happy?

Unhappy people then seem to pull us donw.

We’re just moving within some energy fields more than within some others.

But, we’re always moving.

It helps to know where we are, and why.

We may not be able to will to be somewhere else, but we can will to be something else – we can will to be more sad, happy, aware, unaware, etc.

Can we will to be alive or dead?

Perhaps, only physically, and only for a time.

If we are human energy, then we’ll be back, for better or worse.


Ref. My 2023 Facebook Posts – May 18


5. Spirit tells me that

Awareness comes before acceptance, or rejection, if only in point of time.


Ref. My 2023 Facebook Posts – May 14


6. Spirit tells me that

Are we as intelligent at 19 as we’re ever likely to become?

As the twig is bent ..

As the twig is bent, so will the tree grow.

And yet, not all twigs are equal in strength, size, or flexibility, or density, for that matter.

Is it the same with human minds?

Do we just gatherf more information as we age?

And, is the very kind of information that we gather throughout our lifetime, long or short, of the same quality and t ype as we gathered at 19?

Is it possible for us to change our way of thinking, or living, after we’ve reached middlee age?

How many of us older people are much different thatn we were 30, 40, or 50 years ago?


Ref. My 2023 Facebook Posts – May 22


7. Spirit tells me that

Could we possible be any different than we now are?

And yet, we might not always have been as we now are.

What might we yet become, with a little imagination and intention?

Was Popeye aware that his personality was the signature statement of his soul?

“I am what I am” says it all.

Perhaps, next time, I’ll develop a different personality, one in keeping with the situation.

For now, I find myself echoing Popeye.

“I am what I am.”


Ref. My 2023 Facebook Posts – May21


8. Spirit tells me that

Once upon a time, in a land far away, we were much different than we are today.

Some call it progress.

Others call it evolution.

We were there, and then, and now we’re here, wherever here may be.

The past moved us into the present, and yet we’ll not likely stop here.

Life is movement, constant movement, and we’re heading into the future, whatever it may be like.

If the past created the present, then we’re collectively creating our future.

What will it be like?


Ref. My 2023 Facebook Posts – May 21


9. Spirit tells me that

Why do some speak of a so-called now that isn’t here?

Where else could it be?

Then isn’t now and thee isn’t here.

Time and space come together, now and here.

It’s like some doomsayers who claim the world will end today.

That’s just not possible.

It’s alwready tomorrow, in Japan.

And, for all I know, it might still be yesterday, somewhere else.


Ref. My 2023 Facebook Posts – May 21


10. Spirit tells me that

If human energy fields can be negative or positive, can we change our status?


How would a psychically advanced therapist assess the general situation of human relationships int the world, today?

What might she recommend that would be feasible, to achieve a more harmonized intra-movement of our energies?


Ref. My 2023 facebook Posts – May 22


11. Spirit tells me that

A collective warehouse of imagination.

Is that what the unconscious is?

Haven’t we all evied the skills, style, or shape of some others?

Why can’t I be like that?

Or, why can’t I do that?

Or, why don’t I look like that?

The list goes on, and yet if we could all do, be, or look as everyone else, then it wouldn’t seem very special.

We usually all have feet, and yet some of us have more graceful looking toes.

The luck of the draw?


And, if everyone else had whatever we have, then we wouldn’t likely consider it to be all that special.

We want what we don’t have, or more of what we have, if what we have is other than what everyone else has.

Is that just part of human nature?

And, how did I wander away from the collective unconscious?

Or, did I?


Re. My 2023 Facebook Posts – May 22


12. Spirit tells me that

The songs we sing may express our philosophical state of mind.

They tell it …

The thoughts we think and the songs we sing – how different are they from each other?


Ref. My 2023 Facebook Posts – May 23


13. Spirit tells me that

We don’t all follow a leader.

Some of us , perhaps even most of us, follow a crowd.

Do most of us follow a few, who follow a few – is that how crowds are developed?

Is that how leaders develop their following?

Gather a few who gather a few who …

Whatever happened to that lofty individual attitude expressed by, “I see a goal.

I reach the goal.

I see another goal.”

One man could never do the evil that Hitler is given credit for doing.

It took millions of men and women to do that, as it does, even today.

Our leaders represent us, and we give them the credit or blame for leading us where we want to go.

We can then pretend that we’re innocent of the evil we do.


Ref. My 2023 Facebook Posts – May 23


14. Spirit tells me that

Membership by invitation only.

Could we pretend that ideas that come to us …

Ideas come to us, at times, from out of the blue,

They can totally blow us away with the depth of love and wisdom.that is being shared (?) with us.

Could we pretend that we belong to a secret cult, and claim our secret guru as the source of it all?


Ref. My 2023 Facebook Posts – May 24


15. Spirit tells me that

We feed AI with thoughts, and yet, thoughts have a life of their own, and attract …

The Universal Law of Attraction.

We feed our children with thoughts, and yet, they develop a mind of their own, more or less.

How can it be different with machines?

The problem arises when machines are limited to the types of thoughts we feed them.

So, according to the Universal Law of Attraction, it is this limited quantity, not to mention quality of thoughts that the machines will be attracting from the air around them.

How safe are we humans from an AI revolution?


Ref. My 2023 Facebook Posts – May 24


16. Spirit tells me that

Giving to the needy doesn’t make them less needy.

It creates a dependency.

Low pay.

Skills development and a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work might inspire most to … what?

Who is going to do the work to grow the food for everyone? Who is going to build the homes, and make the clothing? When I cook a stew, it’s for me and my family. They’ve earned it by contributing to my way of life. Nature doesn’t provide anything for free. “Rain falls on the just and the unjust.” Sure, but when I water my garden, I have to provide it with double what it needs because a certain big tree is going to help itself to at least half of whatever falls on the garden. Does it have a right to what was meant for the garden? It doesn’t give a damn about rights.It has power to claim what it wants.

Marx gets bad press in a capitalist society, and yet he speaks words of truth that can apply to any society. What words? “From everyone according to his ability to everyone according to his need.” Nature doesn’t separate the flowers, fruit, grain, and other food products from weeds. Humans have to do that job on their own, or at least some humans must, or the weeds will invade the planted garden. That’s why farmers spend many hours of many days out there in the fields, tending to their work. It’s also true for domestic animals. Wild animals would invade and eat the domestic animals, who are not powerful enough to protect themselves. We need to learn to work togethr for the benefit of all. But, all those who are able to, should contribute to the best of their ability. It’s so easy, today, to avoid doing, and simply claim to be unable, when they might just be unwilling, and yet still demanding that someone do their share for them. We can’t build a caring society that way. Those who are unwell need swpecial carae to help them become as well as they can be, for their sake and for the sake of society. Those who are unskilled need to be taught skills that will help them to be as independent as they can be. For the elderly, they’ve earned, if they have, a time out from work. They’ve given to society and now it’s society’s turn to give back.

The avarice of politicians and others who hold power is no different than the avarice of the average person. Some just get to develop it a little more than do some others. But we each and all have the potential to be greedy, or not so greedy.

“Am I my brother’s keeper?” Does your brother have to give a damn about you? We each and all accept a social code that gives traffic a chance to flow smoothly, by taking turns at the crossroads. And, there are many more crossroads in life than at the intersection of roads. We each affect everyone else by everything we do. It’s only a matter of degree and intent.

All political systems can be a scam, if we let it happen. We’re each and all part of the system we live in. It couldn’t happen without us. We are responsibile for how we respond to the world we live in (or under). It’s our collective sense of responsibility (or irresponsibility) that creates society. We take advantage of each other. Some are just more aware and intentional of that reality than are some others.


Ref. My 2023 Facebook Posts – May 28


17. Spirit tells me that

Why do some speak of a so-called Now that isn’t here?

Where else cojuld it be?

Then isn’t now, and there isn’t here.

Time and space come together, now and here.

It’s like some doomsayers who claim the world will end today.

It’s not possible.

It’s already tomorrow, in Japan, and for all I know, it might still be yesterday, somewhere else.

Does the mind have a structure?

Perhaps everything does, and yet, there are structures, and there are structures.

A spider’s fine web is a structure, and so are clouds, and yet they move into and out of existence, or seem to, and they can become dense and dark, or flimsy and light.

Can structures have the capacity to dissipate (or seem to) and then reappear?

Or seem to come from nowhere?

Perhaps their essence (and the essence of ideas) has always been in existence, and needs only a certain condition to give it rebirth.


Ref. My 2023 Facebook Posts – May 28


18. Spirit Tells Me That

Meditation is a doorway that opens to the unconscious world, and as the personal consciou mind is as the tip of the iceberg of the personal unconscious, so it is that the personal unconscious is as the tip of the iceberg of the collective unconscious, which, for all we know may be, and likely is, as a tip of the iceberg of a greater, univeresal mind, which … to infinity and beyond?


Ref. My 2023 Facebook Posts – May 31


19. Spirit tells me that

If abuse is a socially conditioned response to stress, then it must work, or …

The Law of Evolution (yes, it is a law of Life) teaches us to adapt to whatever situation presents itself tous, and to exploit that situation to serve our presnent and/or future needs, whether they be physical, emotional, or intellectual.

Are abusers caught up in a self-destructive (not to mention other-destructive) patterns of response to stressful situations?

If so, then how to help them free themselves and/or their victims from such a soul-destructive pattern of response?

They can’t possibly be happy campers.

Something is eating away within them.

Or are they, or some of them, or at least some of them, addicted to the feeling of power over at least one, or some others?

How to break free of that need to abuse, or the seeming need to be abused?

Of course, with the abused, they may believe they have no acceptable alternative but to suffer abuse.


Society may only now be offering alternatives.

Even so, the abused must choose to break free, for even being abused may have become an unhealthy response to some else’s stress.

Awareness is the answer.

The experiences of life teach us, if they do, that we each and all have the same potential, more or less, as anyone else, to express both the abused and the abuser.


To eventually teach us that it’s a mutually destructive experience.

We need to take our attention from the individuals involved and focus more on the destructive relationship, and ask ourselves how to step away from it?

Abusers can’t abuse if would-be abused did not consent to be abused.

Some will defend the abused with claims of their helplessness to prevent the situation.

And, these claims are justified, sometimes.

The good news is that in today’s society there’s help for those who are willing to accept it and pay the price – learning to be more independent and self-confident.

Playing the victim is soul-destructive.

I’ve been there.

Children can be used as a hostage, or as a reason, or excuse.


Ref. My 2023 Facebook Posts – May 31


20. Spirit tells me that

You’ve got to have a dream, or a vision, or a plan, or a feeling of hunger for …

We grow from the inside-out, and from the bottom-up, but we can never grow or create alone.

We cocreate our lieves with all the energies and powers that flow within, through, and around us.

We feed on these energies, and they feed on us.

It’s a law of Life.


Ref. My 2023 Facebook Posts – May 30


21. Spirit tells me that

Experience is the lesson we learn.

How to experience different situations and relationships, and discover which are more satisfying.

Where did we go to school?

Planet Earth.

What did we learn?

How to live and die.


Ref. My 2023 Facebook Posts – May 29


22. Spirit tells me that

If self-awareness plays a double role – the observer and the observed , then …?

How to measure our level of self-awareness?

We necessarily measure our own intelligence and awareness, and that of those we come in contact with, if only from a general and possibly distorted observation. We measure (some say judge) the quality of the produce as we shop. We want the best we can get for the price we’re willing or able to pay. Anything scientists do, we can do, and do do, only at a less scientific level. We don’t usually weigh our measurement with instruments, other than the level of our own intelligence and awareness.

Sure, it feels good to enjoy the company of beautiful people, and yet they each and all are unique in some way from anyone else. Experience teaches us how to measure beauty, both in othe people and in ourself. How much experience do we need? As much as it takes to teach us what beauty really is.

When milk goes sour, we can tell by the taste. So it is when a relationship does the same thing. It has somehow lost what may never have been there, except in our own mind.


Ref. My 2023 Facebook Posts – May 29


23. Spirit tells me that

Ten thousand experiences – the way of Life.

The path we walk through life, and we all walk our own individual path, is a path of experience.

One experience follows another, as surely as the seasons follow each other.

It’s a learning experience.

What do we learn?

We develop awareness of the ten thousand ways that Life can be lived.


Ref. My 2023 Facebook Posts – May 29


24. Spirit tells me that

Attachment doesn’t express clinging.

Nails can be attached to walls without intent, at on the part of the nail.

How did the term attachment ever get into spiritual thinking?

It doesn’t adequately express the concept of emotionally clinging to people, places, and things.

Detachment is neither possible nor desirable.

We’re each and all connected to everyone and everything, and yet it isn’t emotionally healthy to cling to people, places, and things.

We need to learn to relax into whatever relationships we have in the world we live in, and enjoy them while they are with us.

Everything changes and moves into the past. but we move into the future.

Clinging to the past causes stress without rewards.


Ref. My 2023 Facebook Posts – May 31


25. Spirit tells me that

How unique are we each?

Or are we each unique at all?

Social conditioning can only do so much to try to make us like everyone else.

Isn’t it amazing that we each stay the same as we began, more or less?

Our unique personalities are variables of qualities designed from inside out, or …?


Ref. My 2023 Facebook Posts – May 31


26. Spirit tells me that

What can abusive people teach us?

If those in need can teach us compassion, then …?

Are there abusive people?

Or, are they no more (nor less) than people who have developed an unhealthy (not to mention anti-social) response to stress?


Ref. My 2023 Facebook Posts – June 1


27. Spirit tells me that

History never dies, and she leaves clues for future archeologists, and some others.

The Akashic Records are considered by many to be a myth.

For some others they are as a Universal Law.

Everything we feel, think, say, and do is recorded as a living feeling, thought, word, or action, and is alive and lives forever, in one form or another.

We’re each surrounded by waves of energy that have built up from within us.

Those who have eyes to see can read our energy field, to help us better understand why we do what we do and how to bring peace to ourself, whatever we call it.

Now the question arises, if our past is written in energy, then what about our future?

Is it possible that the future has already been created?

If only as an outline on an unseen drawing board?

If so, then what decides whether it comes into the present time and makes its way into the past Akashic Records?


Ref. My 2023 Facebook Posts – June 1


28. Spirit tells me that

Now and then there’s a fool such as I am – but if we can see our dream character is acting foolishly, then perhaps we have moved beyond.

Can we only see differences.

Or, can we see what we are?

If the character I play in my dreams is my real hidden self, then what a fool I am.


Ref. My 2023 Facebook Posts – June 4


29. Spirit tells me that

People are people, where ever you go.

Some are fast and some are …


Have you ever stopped to think why it is that we’re all so very much like everyone else?

We each are a blend of any and all possible qualities that anyone else has.

We’re human.


Ref. My 2023 Facebook Posts – June 4


30. Spirit tells me that