Awareness as a thermometer; not a thermostat, until …

Spirit tells me that personal awareness is as a thermometer,
not a thermostat until …

Until what?

Until it is programmed.

How does one program awareness?

How does one program a thermostat?

It contains a built-in thermometer and when the measured
heat level reaches or drops to a preset temperature, then
the thermostat kicks in, or turns on, to maintain
the chosen level of heat.

Why is a particular level of heat chosen?

For personal comfort.


How does that relate to awareness?

Everyone is aware, at a chosen comfort level.

Then, how can we raise our awareness?

Adjust your personal comfort level.

Of what?


You’re getting personal.


But, it hurts.

Of course it hurts, until you let go.

Of my illusions?


But, how?

With love.

How can love help?

Not just love, unconditional love.

How does it work?

We love some stories that we know are fiction.

And, unconditional love is like that?

Yes, more or less.

More or less?


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