Called up on the Carpet, Again

“Chela”, Spirit seems to sigh with hopeless resignation at my distress. Where is the compassion and understanding? Surely I have suffered enough.

“Chela”, my mind must have wandered. Blame it on stress.

“You have always, it seems, excused, or tried to excuse, obnoxious and, or abusive behaviour on the pretention, and I repeat, pretention, that it was due to a lack of development of more socially acceptable forms of behaviour, and not to a deliberate intent to offend or harm you. And then, though the incident stresses you to tears, you blame yourself for being too sensitive. When will you dare to accept that what seems abusive, is abuse”.

“It is a Law of Nature”, Spirit reminds me, for haven’t I heard this lecture a thousand times or more, “that every action we consciously, or through habit, choose to undertake, requires intent. And, when you, through need of whatever, choose to excuse abusive behaviour, not only are you being less than honest with yourself, you are sharing in that behaviour, as a co-abuser. This is called self-abusive behaviour”.

How does that fit?” He then asks, almost smugly,  Is He throwing me a challenge? Perhaps, but if so, I’m in no emotional condition to defend myself, at least, not yet.


A Spirit Guru Lectures a Student

Spirit tells me that Humanity is slowly moving its base camp up from the roots of The Tree of Life. Our consciousness is rising upward as we learn to blend thought and emotion with awareness of the never-ending sequences of Cause and Effect (a Universal Law of Life), and the realization that each effect becomes yet another cause, which will necessarily contribute to the creation of yet another effect.

Be aware, He cautions, of those who praise living in the moment. It goes somewhere.

I may be blogging to myself

Today, Oct. 25, 2013, I may be blogging to myself, as I ask myself what happened to yesterday’s post, or was there a post yesterday. Perhaps it was the day before yesterday that I began, for whatever reason, to blog to the Universe.
Do you expect a response, you might cynically ask me.
Of course I do. What would be the purpose of blogging if not to entice feedback?
Practice, you suggest?
Yes, that too. And, before you advise that I could certainly benefit, unless you think it might be a useless attempt, I believe, or at least I hope tht I will become increasingly adept at playing this new game. Just watch me, if you can without falling asleep, or falling off the chair, laughing at my feeble attempts to impress the Universe
For now,