Destiny is not necessarily Doom

We each travel through life experiences without ever not being life, itself.

I Ching as a Way to Enlightenment

A spirit teacher shares His understanding of timeless wisdom

contained within the I Ching Hexagram 57 – Wind.

Wind develops out of Travel (56) and moves into Pleasing (58).

as we travel through live experiences we must learn to adapt to

change. the winds of change continuously move through our lives,

seemingly with a will of their own.

We each are responsible for choices we make along the way,

without being completely in control of where, when, and how each

situation in this material life began, or where, when, and how our

experiences will move us into worlds of more expanded potential,

the worlds of spirit.

It sounds like the voice of doom.

Not necessarily doom, but necessarily destiny.

How can it be destiny? It sounds more like a mystery.

Yes. The so-called mystery is that we each travel through life

without ever not being life itself..

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Movement Has No Purpose of its Own

Travel is only movement if it has no purpose.

I Ching as a Way to Enlightenment

A spirit teacher shares His understanding of timeless wisdom contained within

I Ching 56 – Travel.

In the order of the hexagrams, Travel follows Abundance (55) and transform

itself into Wind (57), or has the potential to do so, if we only travel because of

restlessness. The trigram Fire is above Mountain. Fire is Yin energy while

Mountain is yang.

Isn’t that curious?


That yin Fire moves while yang Mountain is placid.

Mountains are never placid. A calm exterior can contain dynamic energy.

Now can we continue with the reading?

Please do.

Fire moves, or at least has potential to move while mountains are

generally known for their stability. If we travel from and then return

to a mountain, we can usually be confident that it will be where we

left it, while a fire may have moved on and created destruction..

What general message would this reading seem to…

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Closeness and Triangles

How to serve one without offence to the other?

I Ching as a Way to Enlightenment

A spirit teacher shares His understanding of the timeless wisdom contained within the I Ching Hexagram 8 – Closeness.

Water, a yang energy, is over Earth, a yin energy.

The vision of water spread over earth suggests flooding.

Yes, and in this context it expresses emotional flooding

My patio Hosta is now sitting in such a wet condition, but his planter pot is too heavy for me to tip over to remove the excess water.

Why did you over-water a plant you claim to care for?

I meant no harm but I generously watered hanging baskets of flowers, after having provided for the plants below, in the same manner

So, unintentional abuse?

I guess.

Now what?

I need help to undo the harm I’ve done.


What does that mean?

It means that the plants were too close to each other for you to serve one without offence to the…

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To serve only oneself is impossible.

We are, each and everyone interconnected.

Simple Seeker Society

Spirit shares words of wisdom.

Spirit tells me that it’s impossible to serve only oneself.
We are, each and every one, too interconnected for that
to be possible.

What if I catch my own fish, grow my own vegies and fruit,
and drink water from my own well?

None of that would be available to serve your needs
if others had consumed, destroyed, or contaminated
what you would otherwise enjoy.

Why would anyone do that?

Why would they not?

It would be self-destructive.


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Time Out From Struggle

There is nothing personal in struggles, conflicts, or obstacle in our path unless we believe there is.

I Ching as a Way to Enlightenment

A spirit teacher shares His understanding of timeless wisdom

contained within the I Ching Hexagram 34 – Great Power.

The yang trigram Thunder is above Heaven, also yang.

Only the top two yin lines provide instability and flexibility.

Great Power follows Withdrawal (33) and leads to Advance (35).

How can any power, let alone great power, come out of

withdrawing from whatever?

Withdrawal is not necessarily acceptance of defeat. There are

times when it’s wise to step back. This can provide us with

a greater perspective and a clearer vision on how to move


A battle is only a battle if we see it as such. For some it is

no more than a challenge to our commitment to move


There is nothing personal in struggles, conflicts, or obstacles

in our path unless we believe there is.

A personal message?

Yes. What’s your greatest challenge?

To what?


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Stay Between Doubt and Belief

My Spirit Teacher shares gems of wisdom with me, but

It isn’t always easy for me to tell a gem from a rock.

I’m almost persuaded, a thousand times or more, that

He’s leading me on; setting me up to believe something

Is so because it seems to be so.

And then, as a master trickster might, almost without my

Noticing how, He reveals a fatal flaw in my thinking.

My mind’s comfort zone of smug awareness is suddenly

Shattered; my physical, intellectual, emotional, and even

My  spiritual worlds collapse together into a state that,

As some might say, you could peel me off the floor.

How does He do it? I don’t know, but He does, and yet,

Somehow I always seem to recover, after limping  as

From a field of battle, licking my wounds as an injured

Dog might, into solitude.

And, then, when I almost don’t care to ever believe in

Anything again, I seem to slip back into thinking certain

About something.

And then, once again; surely I would have learned by now,

That Spirit is watching and waiting, and almost luring me

On, fully prepared to set into motion; to launch yet

Another attack on my vulnerability to believe in  absolutes.

Spirit’s I Ching – 24 – Return

I Ching as a Way to Enlightenment

A spirit teacher shares His understanding of timeless wisdom

contained within the I Ching hexagram 24 – Return.

Earth is above and Thunder is below.

How is that possible?

Thunder can refer to earth-shattering noise; heard or not.

Emotions or thoughts?


Does return suggest going back to an earlier way of life?

We can never return. The clutter we have created is from

an earlier lifestyle. Now, we must let go and move forward.

Stripping away is removing that which in unnecessary

and no longer serves us well.

.Excesses in our life usually develop gradually and are

best removed in that same manner, but with intent to

improve the quality of our life, not merely to reduce quantity.

Stripping away can be seen as intent to return to a state of

Balance that has lost sense of its goal.

The message?

It may be time to listen to our personal…

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Rainbows are for Dreamers

Not all dreamers possess intention, purpose, and a goal.

I Ching as a Way to Enlightenment

A spirit teacher shares His understanding
of timeless wisdom contained within
I Ching 12 – Obstruction.

The trigram Heaven (complete yang) is above
Earth (complete yin), providing each line
with a complement; perfect harmony.

The I Ching path through life experiences
moves from Tranquility (11) to Obstruction
and then to Association with Others (13)

Yesterday becomes today, and then tomorrow.
Past becomes present and then future.

Or, does the future become the present and
then the past?


Looking forward we could liken that thought
to planning, creating, and then enjoying.

You seem to envision enjoyment.

The other end of the rainbow.

Rainbows are for dreamers.

Perhaps we’re all dreamers.

Yes, but not all dreamers with a vision
also possess intention, purpose, and a goal.

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Significant Spiritual Others

We each understand whatever from a unique perspective, and so does everyone else.

I Ching as a Way to Enlightenment

A spirit teacher shares His understanding of
timeless wisdom contained within I Ching 37 –
Significant Spiritual Others.

This hexagram develops from Reduced Light (36)
and prepares the foundation for Disharmony (38).

The yin (emotional) trigram Wind is over Fire;
also yin. Together they express intense emotional
energies interacting with each other.

The light of understanding is reduced when our focus
is too narrow, too shallow, too broad, or too deep
for underdeveloped intellectual awareness to absorb
in a meaningful way.

Significant spiritual others refers to family; not
necessarily related by birth but by sharing our way
of life and a desire to serve Life by learning and
living a deeper knowing.

A deeper knowing of what?

A deeper knowing of each other’s truth and acceptance
of the reality that different so-called truths are
not necessarily mutually exclusive.

We each see from a unique perspective, and if we can

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Unhappiness and Suffering Cause Each Other

It’s all a misunderstanding, due to lack of awareness.

Grass-Roots Spiritual Philosophy 101

It was another glorious morning in late summer and
our simple seeker was enjoying it to the full;
relaxed in her secret, sacred garden.

Don’t you feel guilty enjoying yourself
while there’s so much unhappiness and
suffering in the world?

Is there a difference?

Between what?

Unhappiness and suffering.



Cause and effect.

Which causes which?

They each cause the other.

In the same situation?


How is that possible?

Unhappiness triggers suffering, and

Why is unhappiness not a form of

There is no form involved.

What, then?

A misunderstanding.

What is misunderstood?

They are each self-inflicted.


Lack of awareness.

Of what?

The unstable nature of emotions.

But, love is an emotion.


Is love necessarily unstable?


In what way?

In that love is a variable.

We can love more or less?


What about thoughts?

Thoughts aren’t emotions.

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