Unhappiness and Suffering Cause Each Other

It’s all a misunderstanding, due to lack of awareness.

Grass-Roots Spiritual Philosophy 101

It was another glorious morning in late summer and
our simple seeker was enjoying it to the full;
relaxed in her secret, sacred garden.

Don’t you feel guilty enjoying yourself
while there’s so much unhappiness and
suffering in the world?

Is there a difference?

Between what?

Unhappiness and suffering.



Cause and effect.

Which causes which?

They each cause the other.

In the same situation?


How is that possible?

Unhappiness triggers suffering, and

Why is unhappiness not a form of

There is no form involved.

What, then?

A misunderstanding.

What is misunderstood?

They are each self-inflicted.


Lack of awareness.

Of what?

The unstable nature of emotions.

But, love is an emotion.


Is love necessarily unstable?


In what way?

In that love is a variable.

We can love more or less?


What about thoughts?

Thoughts aren’t emotions.

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2 thoughts on “Unhappiness and Suffering Cause Each Other

  1. Jean, it would take a book to express my thoughts after reading these lines on love. Because I think this is correct, despite much guidance that would refute it: love Is. Love is All. Love is Who We Are, under all the veils. But to My deepest understanding, love Is variable. Because even the enlightened among us are part of the whole that is Us. And us is We, and We are God evolving, or part of the manifest universe. Thus, everything, including the emotion of love, is in flux. Evolving. What we know to be love, what we believe is love, even what we experience as the Love of Creation, is in flux because, the moment God is fully realized, that’s It! No more Creation! And my understanding of and from Creator is that Creativity will continue infinitely – it’s Its nature. Those are my thoughts for now, anyway. Aloha! ❤

  2. Dear Bela, I am so impressed with your depth. Your artistic ability and way with words seems to conceal beneath their surface beauty a quality and intensity of consciousness that is, or seems to be, so tragically lacking in today’s so-called modern society. I’m so pleased that you shared your thoughts on love, with me. As you may be aware, I pretend to be almost equal with Spirit, my unseen teacher; but I know that He knows that I have so very much to learn. We seem to be playing a game but we each know that it’s a teaching game; to teach me truths that I’m afraid that I’m not ready to learn. I seem to know that knowing will require more of me than I may be able to give. But, what? I don’t yet know. I’m so pleased that it stirred you to express your understanding of Love. There is so much more to it than meets the eye, or the mind or heart, for that matter. Have a fantastic weekend in beautiful Hawaii. I’m so glad I was given the opportunity to visit there.

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