Daily Meditations – Book One Daily meditations on a grass-roots, practical, sustainable, and satisfying personal philosophy, or way of life

1. Spirit tells me that

Awareness and acceptance mean the same thing, in that each has a direct object.

Unconditional love and compassion differ from each other in that unconditional love, like awareness and acceptance, requires a direct object. Compassion is a quality, or state, of mind.

Our mind has no states/regions/levels at all, but variable qualities, and variable quantities of whatever qualities.


jw (Simple seeker) If this is so, then I wonder how all of our possibly many variable qualities of mind would learn to harmonize with each other?

Reference: My 2022 Facebook Posts – Nov 27

2. Spirit tells me that

Our ancestors are not walking with us, but within us.


jw: Is it possible? Haven’t we all been told, “You’re just like your mother? or father? or someone else before our time?”

Reference: My 2022 Facebook Posts – Nov 28

3. Spirit tells me that

The trickle-down effect is a Universal Law of Life, as is trickle in, and trickle out.

We each and all, and everything that is, are connected with each other, and so it makes sense that we each are more than connected. We are interdependent upon each other. Nobody and nothing exists in a world of its own. Everything we do has consequences on the world we live in, and on those who live in and share our world with us, knowingly or otherwise.

So, this trickle-down effect may seem to relate to economics, and to the wealth of the nations, but it equally relates to every other aspect of our life, personally, and collectively.


Reference: My 2022 Facebook Posts – Nov 29.

4. Spirit tells me that

Problems arise when each side plays by different rules and different priorities.

Our outer and inner worlds each require us to play by their rules, above all else.


Simple Seeker: How can it be done, and still accept for personal responsibility for our choices?

Spirit: We can meditate on the problem and listen for an intuitive understanding of how to satisfy both. In business circles it’s called reaching a consensus, an outcome that both sides can accept.

Reference: My 2022 Facebook Posts – Nov. 30

5. Spirit tells me that

We each have a unique source of wisdom within us. We calli it by different names. We use our imagination to think what might be a better way to live. Of course, we have role models all around us, and have had them since we were newborn infants. Have we absorbed their many ways of living, and now select which to listen to?

Some psychotherapists call this inner knowing our unconscious mind. Some might call it a shadow. Some, our conscience, or inner voices, or teachers, or spiritual gurus. And yet, giving names may be a way to protect us from truths learned from earlier lifetimes of experience.


Reference: My 2022 Facebook Posts – Dec. 2.

6. Spirit tells me that

We can’t see germs but we know they exist. We experience their effect on our health.

Scientists can now see much that is hidden to the average eyes. The day will come when scientists will see the many forms of swirling energy that share our world, both close up and distant. Do they now recognize intelligence in germs? Will they recognize intelligence in swirling energy? Will they learn how to measure that intelligence? This raises the question, is it possible for anyone to measure intelligence beyond their own.

Oh, the questions that can arise once you give yourself permission to ask yourself questions.


Reference: My 2022 Facebook Posts – Dec 9.

7. Spirit tells me that

Love and hate, hot and cold, near and far, high and low, the list goes on. All of the so-called pairs of opposites only measure polar extremes of the same open-ended reality. More of one is less of the other. Yanag and Yin.


Reference: My 20222 Facebook Posts – Dec 9.

8. Spirit tells me that

We’re learning that power is power, and doesn’t belong exclusively to anyone.

The timeless wisdom of I Ching tried to teach us, us being humanity, away back then and away over there. And yet, we haven’t yet learned to accept that reality.. Power and limitation of power is what Yang and Yin is all about.


Reference: My 2022 Facebook Posts – Dec 11.

9 Spirit tells me that

We each and all have a personal philosophy of life, and we live it, aware or not so.

“Build your home of a firm foundation.” Every religion teaches that, and they offer to help us by offering a core set of beliefs to guide us. We can, if we will to, self-study to discover what our core beliefs really are, and not just what we have learned to believe they are. Everyone lives their their own core beliefs or has physical, emotional, and mental problems for betraying them. personal philosophy of life is.

We don’t have to ask anyone what their personal philosophy o life is. We can witness how they relate to the world around them, and within them. As without, so within.

And yet, we might be trying to live a life that wasn’t meant for us to live. Many of us may simply be following someone else’s idea of how to live our life, instead of daring to face personal responsibility for caring for our own body and soul.

That doesn’t mean that we can’t share a common belief. Not all stone foundations are the same shape or size. One size does not necessarily fit all hearts and minds.


Reference: My 2022 Facebook Posts – Dec 17.

10. Spirit tells me that

Haven’t you noticed that some people seem to think they are meant to grow old emotionally and mentally, too? A few very old trees in the forest are still standing straight and tall. A few role models.


Reference: My 2022 Facebook Posts – Dec 17.

11 Spirit tells me that

Humans come and go, but emotions are forever, as are thoughts. Who’s on top

We humans seem to think we’re at the top of the food chain of life, and yet we may simply be as food for higher energy systems – emotions and thoughts. If we could see them seeing us as we see animals and fish ..


Reference: My 2022 Facebook Posts – Dec 19,

12 Spirit tells me that

All learning experiences are necessarily personal. Life teaches us one-to-one.

Even in a crowded classroom, we each learn in our own way and in our own time.

And, perhaps all experiences are learning experiences, or might be, if we open to what they might teach us.


Reference: My 2022 Facebook Posts – Dec 18.

13 Spirit tells me that

We choose the way we live our life, one step at a time, from available choices.

How many of us are living any differently today than we were yesterday, last week, last month, or last year? Do we get into a comfortable way of living? Or is it a habit? or and addiction? And yet, some seem to be changing direction more often than makes sense to some of us.

How to know when to change, and what?


Reference: My 2022 Facebook Posts – Dec 19.

14. Spirit tells me that

When we share the questions that we ask ourselves, we may get help with answers.


Reference: My 2022 Facebook Posts – Dec 19

15 Spirit tells me that

Haven’t you noticed that we can get into long threads of discussion that seem, at first glance, to lead nowhere, and yet eventually we come to some general understanding over otherwise different perspectives on issues that seem trivial to some, and yet to some others, not so?


Reference: My 2022 Facebook Posts – Dec 20

16 Spirit tells me that

Is it possible? Humanity as a scientific project , using ourselves as Guinee pigs, individually and collectively?

If a theory, or hypothesis, is being tested, what would it be? What does it take to smarten us up?


Reference: My 2022 Facebook Posts – Dec 19

17 Spirit tells me that

A shovel is to a spade as enlightenment is to individuality. Jung created a language.

You’ve got to give the guy credit. He appeared to be leaving religion and spirituality for the scientific method. . Is science playing by his rules?

Is science a form of religion? Perhaps the highest form of religion that has ever existed in human form?

Religions lost their power as they aged, but only because they were stuck into a rigid belief system.

Scientists are too cool to play that game. They’re in it for the long haul, and so have learned to adapt to expanded visions of reality. What was true, yesterday, may be only part of today’s truth. And tomorrow will be built on today’s truth.

Change is accepted, since change over-rules truth, all other truths, anyway.


Reference: My 2022 Facebook Posts – Dec

18 Spirit tells me that

There is no disconnect. We’re just more closely connected to some than to some others.

There is an endless continuum of connections, and relationships to those connections.

How much of it are we conscious of?


Reference: My 2022 Facebook Posts – Dec

19 Spirit tells me that

If physical hunger can overcome fear, then so can emotional, intellectual, spiritual ..

How much world hunger for peace would it take to overcome violence?


Reference: My 2022 Facebook Posts – Dec

20 Spirit tells me that

It’s still the same old story. The queen is dead. Long live the king. One year ends.

Duality may be a necessary quality of Life. Evolution itself requires us to let go of what didn’t work. And yet, here we are, holding onto the past, as if it could last.

21 Spirit tells me that

Some call it freedom. I call it personal responsibility to choose this or that.

Is it personal responsibility, or necessity? We can’t not choose whatever.

How to live our life?

Yin and Yang may express the ultimate choice, and so play their roles in everything we do.

The timeless wisdom teachers knew, but could only teach what their people had the capacity to understand, for now. And yet, they spoke in terms that had many layers of meaning.

School teachers play that same game, even today. And so do we. We share more with some than with some others. It’s pointless to teach division before the students can add or subtract. And yet, anything that can be added can also be subtracted, or divided, or multiplied.

One step at a time.


Reference: My 2022 Facebook Posts

22 Spirit tells me that

Just like everyone else, we’re not like anyone else. To be aware of this reality is the art of timeless wisdom. Plato told us to know ourselves and we’d know everyone else, more or less.


Reference: My 2022 Facebook Posts – Dec 31

23 Spirit tells me that

Forgiveness has its place, in innocence. “I didn’t know the gun was loaded.”

Intention makes all the difference. And yet, even when forgiveness is not an acceptable option, compassion always is.


Ref: My 2022 Facebook Posts – Dec 30

24 Spirit tells me that

Resistance and rejection are not the same. An agnostic is not an atheist. Undecided.


Ref: My 2022 Facebook Posts – Dec 30

25 Spirit tells me that

“Freedom’s just another word” or is it? How is it possible to fully understand what freedom, or any other word describing a social condition, whether self-imposed (through habitual responses to seemingly necessary (or not so) activities of daily life, and interactions with others is, if we have not personally experienced what it means not to be free, or not to be whatever?


Ref: My 2022 Facebook Posts – Jan

26 Spirit tells me that

The conscious and the unconscious – window dressing for the known and unknown?

Was Freud the first to coin the terms, the conscious and the unconscious? Is that how the terms became standard psychological items? Gypsy Rose Lee used a large feather to make her strip show more appealing . Have mental therapists developed their own mental feathers, to make therapy seem appealing by using mystical sounding language? Is that part of our current culture?


Ref: My 2022 Facebook Posts – Jan

27 Spirit tells me that

A timeless, sequential order to life. We sit before we stand. We were there, now here.


Ref: My 2022 Facebook Posts = Feb

28 Spirit tells me that

Wherever we are along the way, we’re between our past and our future.

And so it is with everyone we meet. We are to them as they are to us, someone they’ve met along the way. How will they remember us? How will we remember them?


Ref: My 2022 Facebook Posts – Dec 31

29. Spirit tells me that

Humanity is more than, but doesn’t exclude, family and community.

Closer to home?

Where do divisions begin within our vision of humanity?


Ref: My 2022 Facebook Posts – May 4

30. Spirit tells me that

Trying to please is not a problem in itself, but why we’re trying, and at what price?

People pleasing does get such bad press, and yet it can be a sincere way to express friendship.


Ref: My 2022 Facebook Posts – Jan 2

31. Spirit tells me that

Cause and effect are not equal. The same cause can have different effects.

Is human nature like that? In that we’ve developed more variety of responses to the same situations.

Or are we stuck with a few habits?


Ref: My 2022 Facebook Posts – Nov 28

32. Spirit tells me that

How to define and/or defend masculinity?

Does a penis do it?

Or, is it psychological?


Ref: My 2022 Facebook Posts – June 7

33. Spirit tells me that

Universal Laws are not culture specific.

Math is math, wherever you go.

So it is with gravity, karma, ..


Ref: My 2022 Facebook Posts – Sept 12/22

34. Spirit tells me that

Can we accept others the way they seem to be, and still have personal values?

Would we be insincere?


Ref: My 2022 Facebook Posts – Nov 16/22

35. Spirit tells me that

Psychology and religion may be different generations of the same family.

Does spirituality meet the same psychological needs as religion does?


Ref: My 2022 Facebook Posts – Oct 9/22

36. Spirit tells me that

Say ignorance, with a smile. It’s not a gentle remark.

Misunderstanding is more kind.

Wrong answers are not the result of ignorance, but of misunderstanding or lack of awareness of how to arrive at the right answers, or truth.


Ref: My 2022 Facebook Posts – Oct 23/22

37. Spirit tells me that

Can we have forgiveness without blame?

Did Confucius teach what Jesus’ audience would not accept?

Did Jesus and Confucius preach the same message?

Forgiveness and no blame?


Ref: My 2022 Facebook Posts – Jan 10/22

38. Spirit tells me that

A mor primitive society might think that our traffic signs are Gods that we obey.

Traffic signs serve us, individually, and as a group.

Individuals show respect for each other by stopping at a red stop sign.

We’ve come a long way.

Perhaps, ancient Gods also served individuals and the group, in ways that we no longer know.


Ref: My 2022 Facebook Posts – Sept 1/22

39. Spirit tells me that

If we each are a variable blend of Yin and Yang within the potential of Tao, then ..

Perhaps the psychology of the future will help us to discover and understand our unique individual blend of female and male characteristics or qualities we possess, and how to harmonize and develop them into the creation of a life that is satisfying and beneficial, for self and community.


Ref: My 2021 Facebook Posts – Nov 27/21