Spirit’s Daily Philosophical Meditations – Book Two

Daily meditations on a radically personal grass-roots spiritual, and yet practical, philosophy of life

1. Spirit tells me that

Movement and resistance as the basic Yang and Yin principles of Life? Without/within?

Expansion is a form of movement, and as with yang and yin, it may contain some resistance within itself.

Our minds have the potential to expand, and yet we resist tht expansion, more and/or less. Why?

Resistance doesn’t always come from the outside.

Is that struggle between expansion and resistance part of our social life? We want to do something, and yet resist doing it.

Does all of Nature work that way?

We’re moving into a new year, and yet we haven’t much changed from last year.


Ref: My 2023 Facebook Posts – Jan 1

2. Spirit tells me that

All life moves.

All life moves within limits that are expandable, more and/or less.

How to know?

How can we ever know if we’re holding ourselves back or are being held back by forces beyond our control?

Expansion and resistance to that expansion are built within each other.

Yang contains a little yin. Ying contains a little yang.

It isn’t about feminine or masculine, as I used to see.


Ref: My 2023 Facebook Posts – Jan 1

3. Spirit tells me that

“Grey skies are gonna clear up. Put on a happy face.”

How clear? How happy?

Is every adjective a variable? A true statement? How true is true?

Are all emotions like adjective? Limitless in quality and quantity?



Ref: My 2023 Facebook Posts – Jan 1

4. Spirit tells me that

Thoughts and emotions as foods and drinks? We choose what to eat and drink.

We’ve all learned,, more or less,, to adapt to social customs as to what eat and drink at different times of the day.

Do we play that same game with our thoughts and emotions?

Are some more suited to mornings?


Ref: My 2023 Facebook Posts – Jan 2.

5. Spirit tells me that

“Freedom’s just another word ..” Or is it?

How is it possible to fully understand what “freedom” or any other word describing a social condition, whether self-imposed (through habitual responses to seemingly necessary (or not so) activities of daily life, and interactions with others) is, if we have not personally experienced what it means not to be free, or not to be whatever.

Social conditioning is a fact of human life, and is it possible to be free of our own self-conditioning?

What would it look like? And, would we wish for others what we would wish for ourselves, re freedom to do or not to do whatever?

Would our personal concept of (and choice of) whatever freedom from whatever condition or relations, contribute to a better way for us, individually and collective, to live?


Ref: My 2023 Facebook Posts – Jan 2.

6. Spirit tells me that

Human life is an educational experience.

We see the world from a unique perspective.

We each see the world, and everyone and everything in it, from a unique perspective – our state of consciousness, or awareness, which develops in an evolutionary way from experiences and our responses to those experiences.

Perhaps the printed word has itself been an evolutionary development, to help more and more of us to share the experiences of others, from a safe perspective.

That way, we don’t each have to keep inventing the wheel, among other things.


Ref: My 2023 Facebook Posts – Jan 3

7. Spirit tells me that

Care and compassion mean the same thing, or do they?

Can you have one and not ..?

Can we feel compassion for whatever situation a person is experiencing, and yet not care personally for that person?

Ref: My 2023 Facebook Posts – Jan 4


8. Spirit tells me that

Religion is a philosophy of life.

It teaches us what to believe about God, and why.

Is science also a religion?

Is it trying to teach us what to believe?

And yet, it keeps updating.

Most religions are more stable, or stuck?


Ref: My 2023 Facebook Posts – Jan 4

9. Spirit tells me that

We’re not a dog or a cat, or a firetruck.

That narrows the field, somewhat.

If we each are a unique blend of all primary qualities of life, then it helps to know the value (and potential power) of the cards we’re not holding, if only because somebody else may claim them.


Ref: My 2023 Facebook Posts – Jan 4

10. Spirit tells me that

20-20 vision. As without, so within.

Some of us need more help to see what is.

Teachers come and teachers go, having shared their visions with some others.

The problem arises when students see only through their teacher’s eyes, and hesitate to develop their own awareness, for fear of showing disrespect to their teacher’s.teachings.

And yet, the world turns.


Ref: My 2023 Facebook Posts – Jan 4

11. Spirit tells me that

Past, present, and future are as the seasons, with a difference, each becomes the others.

Past, present, and future follow each other in a sequential order.

The future never comes before the past. They each know their place.

And yet, the future will become the past.

It’s only a matter of time and experience.


Ref: My 2023 Facebook Posts – Jan 5


12. Spirit tells me that

“Let go and let God” is so misunderstood by some who use it as an excuse.

To let go and let God is all we can do after we’ve done all we can do.

It’s accepting that any solution to the situation is out of our hands, and beyond our power.


Ref: My 2023 Facebook Posts – Jan 5.

13. Spirit tells me that

A unique expression of humanity – is that the most that any of us can be?

Of course, it might also be the least that any of us can be.

And yet, if we are a unique expression o humanity, then we must also be a unique expression of Life itself.

How does it feel?


Ref: My 2023 Facebook Posts – Jan 6.


14. Spirit tells me that

Perspective and attitude – is perspective just another word for attitude? We see …

What would we be without a body? An attitude? A perspective?

Would we still be as similar and/or not so to others, as we are with a body?

We can cover our physical body. Can we, do we, also cover our attitude or perspective on whatever, to appeal to those we wish to appeal to?


Ref: My 2023 Facebook Posts – Jan 7.


15. Spirit tells me that

Slow is still moving.

When I complain of being such a slow learner, …

We each seem to have to learn so much in any given lifetime that it’s easy to think we’re wasting time, when we might simply be filling in details that we’ve overlooked, somewhere along the way.


Ref: My 2023 Facebook Posts – Jan 7


16. Spirit tells me that

Do we forgive on a sliding scale?

Is it easier to forgive those we love than like?

Forgiving our enemies may be the gold standard?

How to defend yourself while forgiving transgressions?

Survival has priority status.


Ref: My 2023 Facebook Posts – Jan 8.


17. Spirit tells me that

“Because you’re mine, I walk the line. Not the Middle Way, or the Path. Difference?

Does walking the line suggest intention to do what needs to be done to keep from losing what we have?

What about walking The Middle Way? Is that trying to please both sides?

Perhaps, walking The Path requires more strength of character, for it doesn’t necessarily provide a material reward, and it may please nobody but self.


Ref: My 2023 Facebook Posts – Jan 8.


18. Spirit tells me that

Spirit teaches those who will to listen, and everyone else, one way or another.

If spirit is intelligent energy, then we’re each and all sparks of spirit dressed up in a human body.

Love and wisdom, or loving wisdom, may be the union of thought and emotion at their highest.

That could be the ideal understanding of a triangle in sacred scripts.

Human intelligence can see it as a trinity, and it is, in that thought and emotion can be dense or light, low or high.

And yet, as they interact with each other, .they each have power to influence and raise the quality of the other to a point of awareness/consciousness in which they harmonize as closely as is possible without becoming the other.


Ref: My 2023 Facebook Posts – Jan 9


19, Spirit tells me that

Nothing is created that isn’t created in and within time and space.

Stage props?

Wars are fought, and babies are conceived, developed, and birthed in time and space, as is any possible human and poassibly any non-human events.


Ref: My 2023 Facebook Posts – Jan 9


20. Spirit tells me that

It’s gotta be this or that. Awareness leads to acceptance, or denial. This or that.

Does denial require acceptance? Or could we sincerely believe that it might not be true that ..?


Ref: My 2023 Facebook Posts – Jan 11


21. Spirit tells me that

Awareness has no power, and yet we have no personal power or skill without it.

Can awareness be a state of mind?

If we’re aware of what emotions and thoughts are trying (or succeeding) in ruling us, then we can face them.

Otherwise, we’re not aware of their potential power.

Perhaps the greatest gift that religious and/or spiritual teachers , and psychologists, can offer anyone (if they possess it) is to help us develop awareness of unseen energies that battle for control of our mind.

These learned masters, for they are masters to the degree of the skills they have developed, can help us to open our inner eyes, and dare to face the reality of otherwise unseen enemies and friends who struggle to influence our life.

Viral pandemics can be a clue that the universe has sent us, to demonstrate the power of unseen (to human eyes) unseen forces.

If our physical body can be so easily invaded, how safe is our mind?

It’s time to wake up from the illusion of human power as supreme.

Awareness is primordial (basic) knowing. It’s our very essence that has been covered with social conditioning.to the extent that we almost fear it.


Ref: My 2023 Facebook Posts – Jan 11 u


22. Spirit tells me that

Science has discovered mental bacteria. Emotions and thoughts as healthy or unhealthy.

Mental health requires that we learn to recognize danger signs.

Our physical bodies can’t live without the help of beneficial bacteria working within us to help digestion, among other activities of healthy development.

What’s true for the body is also true for the mind.

Some principles of life are transferrable.

Some thoughts and emotions can stimulate mental health, while others promote unhealthy states of mind.

Those who have eyes to see can recognize the effect of mind control as a virus being manipulated, and possibly intentionally introduced into a certain society, without thinking that what thrives in one group of people may very likely thrive in another.



Ref: My 2023 Facebook Posts Jan 12


23. Spirit tells me that

It’s all about choosing.

Walking the walk is choosing to live your life your way.


ref: My 2023 Facebook Posts – Jan 10


24. Spirit tells me that

Emotions and thoughts have a life of their own.

They don’t belong to anyone.

Rocks come in different sizes and shapes, and are composed of different substances and/or variables of different substances.

Is it the same with emotions and thoughts?

Has science begun to study them?

Are there clear divisions between emotions and thoughts?

Or are they variables of each other?

Are some more positive and some more negative?

On a scale of from one to ninety-nine?

Thoughts and emotions may live beyond time and space, in dimensions of their own.


Ref: My 2023 Facebook Posts – Jan 10


25. Spirit tells me that

Shadows and weeds may be with us for always.

Simplistic flat-world thinking of shadow and light.

“What do you see when you look at me?” taunts the great stretches of unknown within our minds.

Weeds that border the edges of a garden seem eager to invade the cultivated soil around more valued plants.

Can the shadows of our mind be made of such stuff?

Weeds as unwanted plants may be a challenge forever.

Can the shadows of your (or my) mind potentially stretch beyond the capacity of our minds to comprehend, once and for all time?

Or do they present as just another aspect of everyday life that requires a certain mental activity of everyday life?

To accept them for what they are, not evil in themselves, but just unwanted at this time, and in this place?


Ref: My 2023 Facebook Posts – Jan 10

26. Spirit tells me that

Love does not require wisdom, and yet there can be no wisdom without love.


Ref: My 2023 Facebook Posts – Jan 12


27. Spirit tells me that

Humanity 401 – The School of Life.

A practicum. Applied Study of Human Life.

Could we write a 2500 word essay on what we’ve learned during our present lifetime?

Would it read as a romantic novel? As as a suspense story? Or as a tragedy? Or as a …?


Ref: My 2023 Facebook Posts – Jan 13


28. Spirit tells me that

We’re not as mass produced as we might seem to be, within those mass-produced designer clothes.

Within those mass produced designer clothes, and behind those mass produced electronic gadgets, live unique individuals, if they only knew it.


Ref: My 2023 Facebook Posts – Jan 13


29. Spirit tells me that

If love is all there is.

If love is all there is, then the problem is with what we love – games of war.

Are there any fairy tales that don’t contain violence?

Would any fiction novel or movie sell if it didn’t contain violent, or potentially violent, scenes?

What is it about violence that we’re addicted to?

Is love itself an addiction, and not necessarily a healthy one?


Ref: My 2023 Facebook Posts – Jan 13


30. Spirit tells me that

Grow where you’re planted.

It doesn’t refer to a geographical location.

We each and all have been planted within a particular physical body.

We have no option other than to make the best of whatever situation we’re within.


Ref: My 2023 Facebook Posts – Jan 15


31. Spirit tells me that

Continuous change and continuity. No disconnect. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow.


Ref: My 2023 Facebook Posts – Jan 15


32. Spirit tells me that

To use and abuse – is it Nature’s way?

Humans, individually and collectively, are ..

Is it part of our shadow existence that we pretend not to be aware of?


Ref: My 2023 Facebook Posts – Jan 14


33. Spirit tells me that

Love and now as what and when.

They each share a claim to be exclusive.

Well, actually, it’s some people who seem to believe that love is all there is, while some other people claim that now is all there is.

Perhaps it’s confusion that wins out.

We can be confused about love and now, or are we just pretending?

Are all the possible variations of all the emotions no more nor less than a variable of love?

Hate could be considered as an almost lack of love, and yesterday could be a variable of now.

What about Heaven and Hell? Are they also extreme variables of each other?

How to put any of them on the table without the others tagging along?

A car is not a truck but they’re both vehicles.

Love is not hate but they’re both emotions.

Now is not later but they both refer to a place in time.

Why not speak of all of these variables as simply and clearly as we can?

If we can’t explain them to a six-year-old child then we don’t clearly understand them ourselves.

Slick is not necessarily smooth.


Ref: My 2023 Facebook Posts – Jan 14


34. Spirit tells me that

Two different worlds? Or three? We live in the overlap, where the other two merge.

Perhaps it’s that area of the merging that include the other two that some people call The Now.


Ref: My 2023 Facebook Posts – Jan 16


35. Spirit tells me that

How to determine ability?

Marx had it all right, and at the same time, all wrong.

“From each according to his (or her) ability, to each according to his (or her) need.”

What needs?

Economic needs is what Marx was likely referring to.

And yet, there more than economics involved with human living.

Education may be what is needed more than anything else in today’s world.

And, how better to develop a new educational model than by involving the students in the process?

In our universities we have teacher assistants who assist lower level students to understand the lessons their professors share with them. Why not introduce such a system from the very beginning of formal education?

Students in higher grades could assist students in lower grades, and perhaps even in their own grades, to develop a clearer understanding of the lessons they are being taught.

This could be a required part of the school curriculum. Credits could be given for time spent assisting fellow students.

It would be a win-win situation.


Ref: My 2023 Facebook Posts – Jan 16


36. Spirit tells me that

I’m just one leg of a table, just one tree in a forest, just one …?

We each support each other, if we do.


Ref: My 2023 Facebook Posts – Jan 16


37. Spirit tells me that

There are many more ways than one to say hello, or good-bye.

And so it is with awe.

Life is beyond our human capacity to fully understand.

Why do we live and why do we think and feel?

We express our sense of connectedness to the oneness of all life in different ways, with no way being necessarily superior to any other.


Ref: My 2023 Facebook Posts – Jan 19


38. Spirit tells me that

Every thing we say and do is an expression of our intent to serve one purpose or …

Those who have eyes to see can measure our intent to serve one purpose or another, and to what degree.

Will science develop such eyes?


Ref: My 2023 Facebook Posts – Jan 19


39. Spirit tells me that

We pamper our greeds.

We pamper our greeds or deny them, or something in between.

Are there three options to every choice? Yes? No? …?


Ref: My 2023 Facebook Posts – Jan 19


40. Spirit tells me that

What serves who, or is it the other way around?

Every thing we do is for a purpose.

Or is it? Is there much that we do in our daily activities of living that is no more than habit?

Habits must have served a purpose a purpose at sometime in our past.

How did they become as an automatic response to certain situations?


Ref: My 2023 Facebook Posts – Jan 22


41. Spirit tells me that

We can only see what we see. , unless we look closer, or further away – we choose.

Is it human nature to see only what we’re told to see? And to disregard the rest?

I doubt it. Infants are curious about the world they live in.

Adults have become conditioned to look this way, and not that way, to dress this way, and not that way, to think this way and not that way.

How did it happen?

Who benefits?


Ref: My 2023 Facebook Posts – Jan 21


42. Spirit tells me that

Experiences teaches us to respect power, our own and that of other sources.

Nature has power to do us good and to do us harm, possibly without any intention to do either.

And so do we, as human individuals and groups of individuals, have power to do ourselves and others good or harm, intentionally or otherwise.

Are we as aware of the good or harm that we might be doing, as we might be, if we meditated on it?

Lions and tigers and bears have physical power, emotional desire, and mental intent.

Do we each have these same qualities, to possibly lesser degrees?


Ref: My 2023 Facebook Posts – Jan 21


43. Spirit tells me that

If the first word was “OM”, do we each have a sound of our own, from that one word?


Ref: My 2023 Facebook Posts – Jan 20


44. Spirit tells me that

What does it mean to be simple?

Simple isn’t stupid, and it isn’t slick.

What is it?


Ref: My 2023 Facebook Posts – Jan 22


45. Spirit tells me that

Harmony requires awareness of duality.

So does resistance.

Awareness is an outsider.

Is acceptance a form of harmony? If we’re neither for or against whatever?


Ref: My 2023 Facebook Posts – Jan 23


46. Spirit tells me that

Science is discovering that beyond and within ell that is, there is more – potential.

There is possibly never-ending potential to become more or less of whatever.

Perhaps that’s what the so-called Big Bang expressed – that when the Universe imploded within itself, at that instant – it exploded.

As without, so within?

Universal laws operate in all areas of life, not simply physical or material, but also with emotions and thoughts.

We need to respect the potential of both healthy and unhealthy emotions and thoughts.

Human diseases are not only physical in nature, or are there physical, emotional, and mental diseases that work on the same principle?


Ref: My 2023 Facebook Posts – Jan23


47. Spirit tells me that

Here’s a push, and pass it on.

Is that how life moves?

Everything moves and changes.

I Ching, as The Book of Change could easily mean The Book of Movement, or The Book of Life.

Thee is no real stagnation.

Something is always changing as it moves on in its development from this to that, or from here to there.


Ref: My 2023 Facebook Posts – Jan23


48. Spirit tells me that

Spirit and energy are more closely related than energy and matter.

Spirit gets bad press.

In today’s matter-focused world, spirit seems to get bad press while energy is highly rated.

How curious when, in essence, each is the other.

Perhaps the story of “The Fall” when our infamous ancestors expressed disrespect toward their generous host (and creator),and were escorted to the door (or the gate) of paradise, and were cast out into – where and what?

Matter, of course, and oil is heavy matter that seems to be prized highly in today’s world.

It’s valued so much more highly than the people who live in the lands it’s contained in.

supposing we all started our journeys (for some we may need to learn to remember that we forgot what it was all about, and why?) toward enlightenment (whatever that might mean to different people).

We could seem to be as the energy embedded in slimy oil, that needs to be released from form.

Isn’t it glorious how far we/ve all come?

Though, of course, we all know someone we might describe as a bucket of …


Ref: My 2023 Facebook Posts – Jan 22


49. Spirit tells me that

Call it God, Spirit, Energy, or whatever, emotional intelligence is all there is.

Emotional intelligence is driven by the force of will-power, a primary aspect of emotion and intelligence.

Talk about binary attributes or polarities, if you care to, and yet all intelligence is emotional, and all emotion is intelligent, more or less.

Each of us contain potentially limitless amounts of each of these three sacred qualities of will, intelligence, and emotion, to varying degrees at different times..

Is it a matter of choice or focus that determines how intelligent or emotional we respond to whatever situations in our life?

Is it what we do with what we’ve got that limits us?


Ref: My 2023 Facebook Posts – Jan 24


50. Spirit tells me that

Forgiveness expresses critical choice.

Compassion expresses expanded awareness.


Ref: My 2023 Facebook Posts – Jan 24


51. Spirit tells me that

Releasing the illusion of control is not surrender. There is no confrontation.

Accepting that we do not have absolute control over our destiny is not surrendering to Fate or to anything or anyone else.

It’s a reality.


Ref: My 2023 Facebook Posts – Jan 23


52. Spirit tells me that

If everything we do is a response, then what is the original trigger or stimulus?


Ref: My 2023 Facebook Posts – Jan 23


53. Spirit tells me that

If blaming the victim, when we’re the victim, is self-destructive, then when others …

We blame governments, big business, media, advertising, etc. for all the sins of the world, or so it seems.

And, in the process, while we’re pointing out there, we’re not looking in the mirror and asking ourselves what role we play in the game.


Ref: My 2023 Facebook Posts – Jan 26


54. Spirit tells me that

Our essence is potential

Sure, but not just any potential.

Each of us is unique.

How to discover our own potential to be this or that, to do this or that, and more importantly, to become this or that, or something else that we might not yet even imagine?

There’s the clue. Imagine what we might yet be with a little, well, maybe more than a little help from our friends.


Ref: My 2023 Facebook Posts – Jan 25


56. Spirit tells me that

When the wind blows we’ll all go together, win, lose, or draw.

We’re each and all in this game of life for the long haul.

There’s no opting out.

Our choices seem to be limited to how long it will take us to work it all out.


Ref: My Facebook Posts – Jan 24


57. Spirit tells me that