Movement Has No Purpose of its Own

Travel is only movement if it has no purpose.

I Ching as a Way to Enlightenment

A spirit teacher shares His understanding of timeless wisdom contained within

I Ching 56 – Travel.

In the order of the hexagrams, Travel follows Abundance (55) and transform

itself into Wind (57), or has the potential to do so, if we only travel because of

restlessness. The trigram Fire is above Mountain. Fire is Yin energy while

Mountain is yang.

Isn’t that curious?


That yin Fire moves while yang Mountain is placid.

Mountains are never placid. A calm exterior can contain dynamic energy.

Now can we continue with the reading?

Please do.

Fire moves, or at least has potential to move while mountains are

generally known for their stability. If we travel from and then return

to a mountain, we can usually be confident that it will be where we

left it, while a fire may have moved on and created destruction..

What general message would this reading seem to…

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