The Rules of Life

Spirit tells me that the rules of Life are

Not nearly as simple as

Some would have us believe.


The Golden Rule that we learned

As children – to do unto others as

We would have them do unto us

Is too general to easily apply in

Most specific situations we

Experience as adults.


A wide range of responses

Need to be learned in order to

Appropriately respond to

The wide range of situations we

Experience in daily life.


I ask Spirit if there is

A mathematical formula to

Determine an ideal response

In any given situation.


Spirit tells me that

My personal response to any

Situation must necessarily

Express the quality of

My self-awareness.


I understand that to suggest

There is no ideal response.

Spirit’s response: Whatever works.

Energy flows or it does not.

And, it does.



After the show is over

After the show is over, when I finally leave

The stage of human life; after a

Wild and glorious celebration,

I know that I will collapse into

A long, deep and well-earned,

More or less, sleep.

Then I expect to awaken to

A reunion with loved ones

And learn to adapt to living within

A loving, all-inclusive and

Non-threatening relationship

With family and friends,

Not necessarily those whom I

Attempted to develop

Meaningful relationships with, here,

In the necessarily heavy atmosphere

Of matter.


Then I will ask Spirit, if I can find him,

What was it all about;?

If physical reality is a school,

Then what did I learn?

What was I expected to learn?

How was I expected to learn

Whatever, and why?

I always needed to know why.


Spirit tells me – perhaps He tells me now

So He will not have to face me later.

The purpose of physical experience

Is to teach us how to live

In community with all life, as if

We were one, and we are.



The Power of Attraction is a Universal Law

Spirit tells me that the power of attraction is

A Universal Law, but it’s highest purpose is

To inspire everyone to reach for

The best within themselves, not to

Gratify greed and lust.

Moisture in the atmosphere

Is attracted to and attracts

Moisture in the atmosphere,

Without consciously wishing to.


An alien, Spirit suggests,

Might suppose that shoppers are

Attracted to each other when

They come together for

A mutual purpose, to shop.


The power of attraction,

Spirit continues, is a

Magnetic-type force, in which

The prize attract us.

We do not attract the prize.




Transcending our cultural mind-set

Spirit tells me that we must transcend

The cultural mind-set that we were

Born into, and raised within. We are,

He tells me, as conditioned as

The countless millions of people

Living in other societies.


The socially-acceptable way of living

In our own culture may differ from

That of other cultures, but their people are

No less and no more conditioned

Than we are, Only the rules are



But, Spirit cautions, though some of us

Can and must liberate ourselves

From group-think, we must also

Be aware that freedom from one

Form of unacceptable social conditioning

Does not necessarily result in a better

Way of life. Tyranny has a history of

Being replaced with another tyranny.


Those of us who must transcend our

Social conditioning, for whatever reason,

Have a sacred duty not to liberate

Too many others.



When someone is not playing fair

Spirit tells me that a good mantra

To guide relationships is,”If

Someone is not playing fair,

May it not be me”. Of course,

This noble thought does not

Change the situation, and

If we find a need to recite it,

It has become an accusation,

An awareness that someone,

Not me, is not playing fair. But,

Perhaps I knew that, and it does not.

Solve the problem of relating to

Someone who does not play fair.

So, now what?



Closing doors

Who closes the doors that close

On our life and that leave the

Past behind, but in a way that

Doesn’t really let us cope with

Why the doors had to close?

It wasn’t my idea, or was it?

I was totally unaware, or was I,

Of the Price I would be paying,

Perhaps until the end of time,

To follow Spirit. How could I,

How can I explain that

I really had no choice, that

It seemed to be my destiny, and

Though not knowing what the price

Would be, I must have always

Known that, whatever it was,

I would pay. Perhaps not gladly,

But, I would pay.


Spirit tells me, gently,

Aware of my pain, that

The doors that seem to be

Closing, were never open,

For me, and that I somehow

Needed to believe that

They were, while knowing

In my soul, that I was just

Pretending, because

I needed to believe,

For whatever reason.



Time is not a factor

Spirit tells me that relationships

That never seem to change

In Quality, may still be of

Some value, without

Pretending any longer that

They only needed more time.

When they have reached

Their potential, time is

Not a factor.

I reluctantly agree with Spirit,

More or less, and yet,

To accept what never was but

Might have been…

What happens to all of the

Unfulfilled potential of

Our lives?

There is, Spirit assures me,

A quality accounting system

That carries potential

Over to future lifetimes.



Spirit asks me, What is it that we want

More than anything else?

I don’t know.

Then you need more suffering.

As punishment for not knowing?

No. As experience.

Why would I want to experience

Suffering? I thought freedom from

Suffering was the highest goal.

Freedom from suffering is not a

Goal in itself but a means

to an end.

What end?

Compassion and love.



Do we move through Life or does Live move through us

Spirit asks me,

Do we move through Life or

Does Life move through us.


I am still me, even after

All these yeas, and yet,

Something has changed.


The physical part of me is

Certainly not as it once was, but

Even as it once was had changed

From an even earlier once was.


I remember being young, or

Was it a dream, a

Living dream.


I try to take care of myself,

And yet…


Perhaps my aging body was

Designed to fill a purpose

That I do not yet understand


When the curtain drops, will I

Still be me?



A Cosmic Joke?

Perhaps in some future lifetime

I will become an artist, a pianist,

and a master gardener.

But, for now,

My easel is covered, as if to

Conceal my work in progress

From critical eyes, except

My own. My neighbours

Claim to admire the sounds of

My daily music practice.

They must have no ear for music.


I fill stacks of notebooks with

Ideas, but, none seem

To connect. Only my garden

Seems satisfied, more or less, and

Blesses my effort.


Spirit asks me to trust that

We (He and I) are doing it

Together. A cosmic joke?