What is a promise made of?

Spirit asks me, What is a promise made of?

I had never thought of a promise as being

Composed of or built or created of

Anything outside of itself. But,

Intention came to my mind,

Perhaps placed therein by Spirit.

A promise expresses an intention.

An intention to do what?

Spirit answers for me, An

Intention to let me…

To let you what?

Where is the do?

This discussion is getting over my head.

There is no discussion.

Then, what are we doing?

One of us is stalling.

For what?

For time, and there is no time.

Then, what must I do?

To what?.

To satisfy you.

Satisfy yourself.


Now we’re getting somewhere.


Toward accepting that

I need nothing from you, but

You need me.

For what?

For life, for everything.

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