My socially conditioned thoughts and emotions

When I insist to Spirit that I am what I am and I need

What I need, then He, with a confidence that I very

Much envy, tells me that my more or less loosely

Organized system of thoughts and emotions is a

Conditioned one.


Who conditioned me?


You did, with help, of course.


Why? and for what purpose?


To conform to a static social order that never existed.


Why would I do that?


God only knows, but hopes you will do yourself and

Everyone else the favour of getting to know who and

What you really are.




Opting out is not an option

Spirit tells me to be aware of what is happening around me

As I move through time and space, and as they move

Through me, and to be aware of how I contribute to

Whatever is happening, and I do contribute, He tells me,

To every situation that I am aware of, as well as to

All others.


We are each related to all that is, which also includes

Ourselves. We move or are moved through situations

That provide us with opportunities to respond from

Our unique perspective – a moving perspective.


We are each, at least to some degree, responsible,

Claims Spirit, for the creation, result, and future of

Any situation we are part of, and we are part of



This is too much for me. I protest. What if I don’t

Want to play this game?


Opting out is not an option, He tells me. That’s not

In the rules.


Who wrote the rules?


We did.


Who are “we”?


You and I and everyone else.




In the beginning.


The beginning of what?


The game of Life.


When was that?


There was no beginning.









Listen to the Energy

Spirit asks me to make an early New Year Resolution;

To choose to accept what my inner awareness seems to

Insist on what my reluctant and more or less conformist and

Wishy-washy personality fears, for whatever reason or

Reasons, to accept as true, or to face the truth that I

Cannot deny, that everything that anyone says or does

Is designed to present a false image if the essential

Energy of what they say or do does not harmonize with

The strength and frequency of their own essence.


Resolve, He asks me, to listen to the energy, and

He assures me, it can and will become as second

Nature to me, for it was designed for that purpose.


I may be a total failure at keeping this pledge, but

I will if I can and as much as I can. However,

Spirit needs to also pledge to remind me

Whenever I slip up, and it will likely be often.

I would not put any money on my short-term

Success, but I intend it to become a way of life,

Sooner or later – probably more later than sooner.



Plastic bricks in a wooden wall

Relationships are like that, Spirit tells me.


I ask Him to explain, for He is a he, or so He claims to be, and

Even though I cannot see Him with my human eyes, all other

Of my senses confirm this claim.


Perhaps masculinity and femininity have this in common, in that

We each are what we each are, from our own perspective, and,

Of course, that of others.


But, I ask, What if I am mistaken (I hesitate to use the term, wrong).

What if we are all mistaken?


Spirit dismisses my doubt with, What if we are? What if I am?

What difference would it make to anything?


I cannot believe what I am hearing from my wise teacher, or at least

Considered to be so by me, until now.


Stop. He’s doing it again, leading me into a trap; luring me

Into a false sense – or is it false? to see with only my own eyes

And dare to accept that what I see is, perhaps, not also seen

By others, even supposedly superior others. Unless, of course,

They do see and only pretend not to, for whatever reasons of

Their own.


With a little help from our friends

Spirit tells me that, with help from friends and some others,

We can become more than we now are, in some areas of

Our life.


But, He cautions, this also requires intention. We must will

To do more, to be more, and to learn whatever it is that

We must learn to move beyond where we now are.

Before we can do even that, we must be consciously

Aware of what we are, where we are and what and

Where we intend to be.


We are all as one in purpose, He tells me, to express

What we are in essence, both individually and

Collectively, for the benefit of self, community, and Life.


Knowledge is not Understanding

Spirit tells me that we live and share with each other

As teacher and student of wisdom, and that

Wisdom is understanding while knowledge alone

Is not.


Knowing what is what is not the same as knowing

Why what is what and how to use that knowing

To serve self, community, and Life.


A farmer usually knows more than what

To plant, when to plant, and where to plant.

Why requires understanding based on



The same is true of compassion, He tells me.

The memories or personal pain compel us

To feel the pain of others, or we have not

Suffered enough. It’s as simple as that.

Hostility can serve us well, if we let it

Spirit tells me that hostility can serve us well,

If we let it. And, be aware, He advises, that

Hostility in any form is still hostility.


Try to accept that hostility comes as

A precious gift from Heaven, the

Universe, God, Tao, or Whatever is

Highest in our mind.


Hostility is as love, He tells me, in that

It is in the eye of the beholder or

Recipient. Only someone who sees

Herself or himself as less hostile is

Able to recognize it as such.


Instead of focusing on the experience

Of being a victim, the opportunity is

Provided to recognize one’s own

Awareness and, perhaps, Compassion

For the stress and emotional pain

Behind the hostility in both the giver

And recipient.


A Critical Mass of Awareness

Spirit tells me that somewhere I am

All that I now wish to become.

What’s still missing, He suggests, is

The development of a critical mass of

Awareness that will create an

Irreversible shift in my understanding of



I have many friends, helpers and

Teachers, all around me, who, for

Reasons of my own choosing, are

Still invisible to my materialized



As long as we need to strive to become,

We are reaching for what we already are.

And, He tells me, we are all reaching,

Unless we have become sidetracked in

Our purpose for being here, a sacred



Ambition gets bad press, claims Spirit.

However, in our essence we know that

What we strive to accomplish is for

Far more than self-indulgence. It is

For self- and Self-realization and

Satisfaction, which is pleasure, and

Pleasure is a gift we give to ourselves

And to others in that if offers inspiration,

Such as in, “See, I did it, and you can

And will, too”.