Listen to the Energy

Spirit asks me to make an early New Year Resolution;

To choose to accept what my inner awareness seems to

Insist on what my reluctant and more or less conformist and

Wishy-washy personality fears, for whatever reason or

Reasons, to accept as true, or to face the truth that I

Cannot deny, that everything that anyone says or does

Is designed to present a false image if the essential

Energy of what they say or do does not harmonize with

The strength and frequency of their own essence.


Resolve, He asks me, to listen to the energy, and

He assures me, it can and will become as second

Nature to me, for it was designed for that purpose.


I may be a total failure at keeping this pledge, but

I will if I can and as much as I can. However,

Spirit needs to also pledge to remind me

Whenever I slip up, and it will likely be often.

I would not put any money on my short-term

Success, but I intend it to become a way of life,

Sooner or later – probably more later than sooner.



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