Plastic bricks in a wooden wall

Relationships are like that, Spirit tells me.


I ask Him to explain, for He is a he, or so He claims to be, and

Even though I cannot see Him with my human eyes, all other

Of my senses confirm this claim.


Perhaps masculinity and femininity have this in common, in that

We each are what we each are, from our own perspective, and,

Of course, that of others.


But, I ask, What if I am mistaken (I hesitate to use the term, wrong).

What if we are all mistaken?


Spirit dismisses my doubt with, What if we are? What if I am?

What difference would it make to anything?


I cannot believe what I am hearing from my wise teacher, or at least

Considered to be so by me, until now.


Stop. He’s doing it again, leading me into a trap; luring me

Into a false sense – or is it false? to see with only my own eyes

And dare to accept that what I see is, perhaps, not also seen

By others, even supposedly superior others. Unless, of course,

They do see and only pretend not to, for whatever reasons of

Their own.


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