Opting out is not an option

Spirit tells me to be aware of what is happening around me

As I move through time and space, and as they move

Through me, and to be aware of how I contribute to

Whatever is happening, and I do contribute, He tells me,

To every situation that I am aware of, as well as to

All others.


We are each related to all that is, which also includes

Ourselves. We move or are moved through situations

That provide us with opportunities to respond from

Our unique perspective – a moving perspective.


We are each, at least to some degree, responsible,

Claims Spirit, for the creation, result, and future of

Any situation we are part of, and we are part of



This is too much for me. I protest. What if I don’t

Want to play this game?


Opting out is not an option, He tells me. That’s not

In the rules.


Who wrote the rules?


We did.


Who are “we”?


You and I and everyone else.




In the beginning.


The beginning of what?


The game of Life.


When was that?


There was no beginning.









One thought on “Opting out is not an option

  1. Dec. 20, 2013.
    Dear Readers, Before I venture out into Vancouver’s first snowfall of the season (timely eh?), I must share with you an insight that Spirit dropped into my mind, directly related to our post “No option”. It took my breath away, for a moment, as I realized what a personal statement He was making. For me, there is no option and probably there never was. In earlier times I might have been sacrificed for being possessed. Perhaps I was. And, as my part in our posts will surely have made it clear, it isn’t for Spirit, Himself, but for the power of the Mind that He too, channels, or so I believe. To be chosen, for whatever reason, to be part of sharing this Universal Wisdom, I must. Spirit is speaking truth when He tells me that, for me there is no option, however it may be for anyone else. Now the snow.

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