Endings change into beginnings.

Spirit explains I Ching 64 – Unsettled.


Fire over Water represents an unsettled situation, both in nature and

In human relationships. This unstable condition is represented in the

Hexagrams with active and forceful Fire being a yin trigram, but

Emotional Water being a yang trigram.


How is it possible for Water to be yang, and Fire to be yin?


All forms of life contain a blend of the same energies contained in

All other life forms, to a greater or lesser degree. Yang represents

Creative and forceful, if necessary, energy, while yin represents

Receptive and nurturing energy, but also contains assertive power.


Neither yang nor yin is subservient to the other. They constantly

Interact to develop a harmonious relationship without either denying

Their own or the other’s individuality. Sometimes they necessarily

Seem to oppose each other and, at other times they blend

Harmoniously as one, or as close to oneness as they each feel

Comfortable with.


So, even though Fire and Water could cancel each other out, they are

Aware that doing so would be self-destructive?


Yes. This awareness is a very appropriate setting for Unsettled, the 64th

And ending Hexagram. It sets the stage for the interactive cycle of life

To begin again, without ever having actually ended, with Hexagram 1,

The Creative.



Obedience is not co-operation

A spirit wisdom teacher explains I Ching 12 – Obstruction.


Obstruction follows Tranquility, or might, if might rules.


The construction of the hexagrams for Obstruction and Tranquility

Both present yang and yin energies as concentrated and opposed.


Tranquility expresses followers as being seemingly held in a high status.

But, the power remains concentrated in the leadership. Obstruction shows

A more or less reversed order. Leadership is on top, but only by suppression,

Which invites resistance.


Obedience is not co-operation. There is no sense of trust and each side feels

Alienated from the other. There must be a blending of energies for each to feel

Part of the solution.


Is this a political situation or one of relationship?


Yes, and an attitude one.


Why attitude?


Attitudes direct how we perceive whatever situation and how we perceive

Directs our action, or reluctance to act.


Could the situation apply to teacher and student …




Then what is the solution?


Can we find common ground?




Yes, and some is a beginning.





As I am is not the way I am, or is it?

Spirit tells me that for me to love myself as I am

Does not require that I love myself the way I am.


I can accept myself as imperfect without necessarily

Accepting my imperfections.


And, He suggests that I really must work on these.


Where would I begin?


From the beginning.


When was that?


It never was.


So, what then?


You can only begin now.


He’s wrong of course. I’ve been trying for as long as

I can remember.




Opting out is not an option

Spirit tells me to be aware of what is happening around me

As I move through time and space, and as they move

Through me, and to be aware of how I contribute to

Whatever is happening, and I do contribute, He tells me,

To every situation that I am aware of, as well as to

All others.


We are each related to all that is, which also includes

Ourselves. We move or are moved through situations

That provide us with opportunities to respond from

Our unique perspective – a moving perspective.


We are each, at least to some degree, responsible,

Claims Spirit, for the creation, result, and future of

Any situation we are part of, and we are part of



This is too much for me. I protest. What if I don’t

Want to play this game?


Opting out is not an option, He tells me. That’s not

In the rules.


Who wrote the rules?


We did.


Who are “we”?


You and I and everyone else.




In the beginning.


The beginning of what?


The game of Life.


When was that?


There was no beginning.