What Emotion is Trump?

Spirit patiently listens to my complaints about some

personal relationships. Why? I ask, do some relationships

Seem to be charged with emotion beyond what could

possibly make sense, at least to me.


Life, He tells me, is like a game of cards.

We each play as well as we can with

the cards we have been dealt. When we

Play a kindness card, we expect the other

Player or players to pay an equal or higher

Kindness card.


But, that doesn’t always happen. Why would,

As they sometime do, play an anger card when

 A kindness card is seemingly called for?


What emotion is trump?






In Essence there is No Individuality

Spirit tells me that, in essence, there is no individuality.

However, He claims, the illusion of such serves us well.


Our purpose for living this human experience is

To enable us to share what we learn with others

And to accept that all others have something

Of value to share with us, whether or not

Any of us is aware of this reciprocity.


Simply living is not enough and is not possible.

Part of our mission on Earth is to become

Increasingly aware of how we are living and to

Choose to live a life that brings us satisfaction,

Pleasure, and a sense of purpose.


In time, perhaps over several lifetimes,

We will become increasingly aware that we

Share our life with others, whether we care to

Or not, and that others share their life with us,

Whether they know it or not.


We learn from each other. We are never alone in

Any real sense, for what we have become, in

Essence, has developed from interacting with

Others. Nobody is completely individual.

We are one.

However, a certain sense of individuality serves us all well, for it allows, and requires us to accept responsibility for choices we make for ourselves, and, unavoidable, for others.

Thank you dear followers

My Sunday morning thank you to all who follow and visit my seemingly never-ending struggle with Spirit. I have every intention to win the war, if a war it is, even though, as you are my witnesses, my battle score is rather low. The Middle way may be different things to different people, but to me it is wide enough to allow for personal pleasures even while being dedicated to whatever. Spirit may have a vision of a fine line but my emotional and intellectual balance could never walk a fine line. Actually, I don’t even see a line between extremes; I see tendencies and room for wandering off the path, now and then. Is that like falling off the addiction wagon? Perhaps. In the meantime, thank you all, and, I hope you’re on my side.



Neither Pen nor Ink am I

Spirit tells me that I am neither the pen nor the ink

<Through which His teachings flow.

I am a channel, as is everyone else, more or less.

Whatever anyone of us can say, do, think, or feel

Has been said, done, thought or felt before,

Or might have been.


“Monkey see, monkey do” describes learned behaviour and

Human behaviour is learned behaviour, except for that which is

Instinctive and universal. No emotions are unique.


What is unique, Spirit claims, is our individual blend.of

Universal attributes and potentials, and our more or

Less unique chosen way of expressing these.


We each choose and practice behaviours, thoughts,

Skills, and language, that we have learned from

Others. We feel Universal emotions but we each

Express these in our own way, more or less.


The difference between our relationship and

That of some others, He tells me, is that He has

Chosen to channel his teachings through me,

After having prepared me; trained me, more or

Less, and taught me enough to make it possible

To use me. But, even that would not be enough

If I (me) did not choose to serve as his student and

Channel. It takes two.


I had to learn before I could do, as it is with

Everyone who ever learned to do anything.

Consumerism as a life without purpose

Consumerism, Spirit tells me, is an addiction in that

It is a lifestyle without soul, without purpose other than

To possess more and more of what is destined and

Designed to become out of style, obsolete and

Requiring replacement by a newer model of whatever,

That, in a very short time, will also be without value.


And yet, He tells me, our society has come to

Depend, almost for its financial survival, upon

Producers and advertisers of unnecessary

Consumer goods, whose mission

Statement seems to be to create a need

For such in the minds of the general

Population- the so-called masses.


However, Spirit advises, when I suggest

The masses are victims of advertising,

He corrects me with the reality that

They choose, for whatever reason,

To play the game.


Past and Future Merge in the Present

Spirit tells me that the past and future story of our lives

Merge in the present reality of now. What was is no more.

What will be is not yet.


Memories are stories that we tell ourselves, and some others,

In order to explain and, or make sense of the life we have lived.

But, we cannot seem to understand that the life we will yet live

Will be the future of the life that we have already lived. It will

Not be disconnected in any real way from the life we now live.


How differently can we expect to live from those elderly people

We now see around us? How differently can our children

Expect to live from the way we live, now, when they are as

We now are? Or, do we believe that we will be in ten years’

Time, as we now are?


All the way through life we have had to develop

The ability to adapt to changing circumstances, and to

A changing identity. We were an infant once, and

Then a child. After that we developed, one step at a

Time into the persona we now are. How could we

Expect that change would not continue to alter

The persona we now are into the one we have

Not yet become?


So it is, Spirit tells me, with intellectual and emotional

Development, and so it is with spiritual awareness.

We were designed, He tells me, to blend together

Spiritually, as we diversified, one step at a time.



When to resist temptation, and when not to

Spirit tells me that resisting temptation is, or can be

Habit-forming and a source of self-satisfaction,

Unless we resist temptation solely for the sake of

Resisting temptation, in order to receive

Blessings from Heaven. In such a case, He tells me

(as if I didn’t know), no great benefit would be earned.


Pleasures are or can be blessings to ourselves,

As a token of self-love. And, He tells me, we

Would be incapable of loving anyone or

Anything (for those who might consider God as a

Thing) if we cannot, for whatever reason,

Love ourselves, whom God loves dearly.



Because I care, He tells me

Spirit tells me that nobody does anything without having a reason for doing


There are times I resist accepting Spirit’s statements of fact that refute

What I believe to be truths. But, in this instance, I must agree. It just

Wouldn’t make sense to do something without a reason.


Spirit seems to accept that I can only believe what makes sense

to me, according to my limited awareness. He encourages me

To observe my own behaviour as well as that of others, and

Question myself as to why I do what I do.


I will discover, He tells me, that much of my behaviour has developed as

Habitual generalized responses to specific situations that would be

Better served with a more unique response.


Responding to specific situations with a generalized response

Is disrespectful and self-defeating, He tells me, in that I deprive myself

Of the opportunity to develop more appropriate responses.


He is right, and I will try.


Don’t try, He says, Intend and do.


Then I accept the challenge and, instead of wondering why,

I dare to ask Him why He is lecturing me in such a seemingly

Harsh manner.


Because I care. 

Life is incomplete and non-linear

Spirit tells me that all stories are necessarily incomplete and

Non-linear, when they attempt to accurately describe life


But, I was young, once, and now I am not. Surely that is

A case for linear development.


Did you grow in equal proportions during each segment of

Your so-called linear life?


No. Babies grow faster, doubling their birth weight in a few months.


So much for linear growth.


Perhaps linear growth could refer to stages of



Are stages of growth, or development

Of equal time duration for all people and

Other life forms?


Why would stages of growth have to be of

Equal time duration to be linear?

They could have a certain sequential order

Within a linear framework.


Explain, if you can.


You’re asking me to explain? What?


Linear development.


How can I explain it to you?


Then, explain it to yourself and I’ll listen in.


I’m on slippery ground.




But, if we do not develop within a linear

Framework, then how do we?


How do we what?




In what way?


Are we going in circles?




Then what?