Because I care, He tells me

Spirit tells me that nobody does anything without having a reason for doing


There are times I resist accepting Spirit’s statements of fact that refute

What I believe to be truths. But, in this instance, I must agree. It just

Wouldn’t make sense to do something without a reason.


Spirit seems to accept that I can only believe what makes sense

to me, according to my limited awareness. He encourages me

To observe my own behaviour as well as that of others, and

Question myself as to why I do what I do.


I will discover, He tells me, that much of my behaviour has developed as

Habitual generalized responses to specific situations that would be

Better served with a more unique response.


Responding to specific situations with a generalized response

Is disrespectful and self-defeating, He tells me, in that I deprive myself

Of the opportunity to develop more appropriate responses.


He is right, and I will try.


Don’t try, He says, Intend and do.


Then I accept the challenge and, instead of wondering why,

I dare to ask Him why He is lecturing me in such a seemingly

Harsh manner.


Because I care. 

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