Life is incomplete and non-linear

Spirit tells me that all stories are necessarily incomplete and

Non-linear, when they attempt to accurately describe life


But, I was young, once, and now I am not. Surely that is

A case for linear development.


Did you grow in equal proportions during each segment of

Your so-called linear life?


No. Babies grow faster, doubling their birth weight in a few months.


So much for linear growth.


Perhaps linear growth could refer to stages of



Are stages of growth, or development

Of equal time duration for all people and

Other life forms?


Why would stages of growth have to be of

Equal time duration to be linear?

They could have a certain sequential order

Within a linear framework.


Explain, if you can.


You’re asking me to explain? What?


Linear development.


How can I explain it to you?


Then, explain it to yourself and I’ll listen in.


I’m on slippery ground.




But, if we do not develop within a linear

Framework, then how do we?


How do we what?




In what way?


Are we going in circles?




Then what?




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