What Emotion is Trump?

Spirit patiently listens to my complaints about some

personal relationships. Why? I ask, do some relationships

Seem to be charged with emotion beyond what could

possibly make sense, at least to me.


Life, He tells me, is like a game of cards.

We each play as well as we can with

the cards we have been dealt. When we

Play a kindness card, we expect the other

Player or players to pay an equal or higher

Kindness card.


But, that doesn’t always happen. Why would,

As they sometime do, play an anger card when

 A kindness card is seemingly called for?


What emotion is trump?






4 thoughts on “What Emotion is Trump?

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    • Dear Quality of Life Ministries. Here it is Dec. 22/13 and I have just discovered your request that I moderate (?) What is Trump?. I have read your article on kindness and it seems sincere. And Spirit keeps reminding me to accept what seems to be so as long as it seems to be so.
      If you have followed my posts you will be aware (I hope) of an ongoing struggle between Spirit and myself. There is no possibility of my winning the war (if such it is), and I would not want to, but I must and can only understand his Higher Level of thought, one struggle at a time with my own conditioned thinking.
      Now to the Game of Life and emotions as cards that we play in the game (or some of the cards). Now I may have stirred Spirit to present another Life game of ideas. But that is for the future, if it happens. At the moment, the only cards we played (very seriously) consisted of emotion cards. All emotions are valid and were designed to serve us well, Spirit tells me and I accept as true (at least for now). I hope you know that I’m winging it a bit, in that Spirit did not go into deep detail concerning the emotion cards we play in real life relationships. Perhaps each emotion is as a separate suit of cards (as diamonds, hearts, spades, and clubs are the four suits of cards in the standard deck of 52 playing cards for poker, rummy, bridge, etc.
      Emotion cards would consist of degrees of strength or quality of each of different emotions – anger, jealousy, hate, love, compassion, kindness, fear, desire, etc.
      In reference to Which Emotion is Trump, in a standard game, the player who begins the game, if I remember correctly, determines what suite is trump, as expressed by the first card played. The Jack of that suit is considered the highest possible card, even trumping an Ace.
      Spirit would (and seems even now, from the sidelines of my mind) tell me that Life calls trump and Love is the chosen high card, from the beginning of time and in any game.
      In other words, no emotion is of higher value than is love.
      I should have known that, as high as Compassion is, and it is higher, much higher than is kindness (which can be a learned behaviour or an expression of a gentle soul), could never trump Love.
      In real life terms, we can feel compassion without loving the person we feel compassion for (it may be the person’s pain we relate to more than the person herself (or himself), or to the pain of an animal (I can feel the pain of a young tree that someone has deliberately damaged).
      But, we cannot love anyone or anything without also being able to feel compassion for them. I hope I am able to explain this in a way that makes sense to you. Love rules as higher than all other emotions – even our so-called darker ones.
      But, the love that Spirit teaches does not include forgiving evil, but accepting that evil can be transformed into less and less self-destructive and other-destructive behaviour, but only when the pain one causes to others is felt personally. Compassion suggests that we recognize the stress we see in others because we have experienced that or a similar stress. So, my Compassion card was well played. I might have won the game except for Spirit and his Love card.
      You are serving a good purpose in this world. Keep it up.

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