In Essence there is No Individuality

Spirit tells me that, in essence, there is no individuality.

However, He claims, the illusion of such serves us well.


Our purpose for living this human experience is

To enable us to share what we learn with others

And to accept that all others have something

Of value to share with us, whether or not

Any of us is aware of this reciprocity.


Simply living is not enough and is not possible.

Part of our mission on Earth is to become

Increasingly aware of how we are living and to

Choose to live a life that brings us satisfaction,

Pleasure, and a sense of purpose.


In time, perhaps over several lifetimes,

We will become increasingly aware that we

Share our life with others, whether we care to

Or not, and that others share their life with us,

Whether they know it or not.


We learn from each other. We are never alone in

Any real sense, for what we have become, in

Essence, has developed from interacting with

Others. Nobody is completely individual.

We are one.

However, a certain sense of individuality serves us all well, for it allows, and requires us to accept responsibility for choices we make for ourselves, and, unavoidable, for others.

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