2 thoughts on “Unconditional respect is dysfunctional

  1. The presence of unconditional love negates the requirement for any form of respect. The environment of unconditional love is all inclusive.

    The absence of unconditional love renders all interactions and connections as conditional. Without the environment of unconditional, the non-transitioned ego dominates.

  2. Dear Rob, Emotions are feelings and, as such, do not and cannot conform to rules of order, such as the term ‘required’ suggests. Perhaps you are referring to macrocosmic love to microcosmic elements of itself (such as we are). In such a case I would certainly agree with you, but, down here in the physical world of grass roots, we can learn, through experience, not teaching alone, to love everyone without necessarily respecting everyone. If we respected every behaviour then it would be the same as respecting no behaviour. There, you’ve gotten (is there such a word?) me to differentiate between people and their behavior. I can respect, as myself, the perfect being behind someone’s behaviour without at all approving of their (or my own, on occasion) unacceptable (to me) behaviour..

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