Uphill all the way

Spirit tells me that the path of enlightenment

Must necessarily be an  uphill struggle.


We rise to enlightenment, He tells me.

We do not go down to it, but

There are landslides along the way.

Arrogance is one of them.


Enlightened people are no better or worse than

Those who are less enlightened.

A full container is no better than one

That is only hall-full.

It simply holds more of whatever,

While it does.


2 thoughts on “Uphill all the way

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    • Dear truth set free… I’m not sure exactly what your position is re “Uphill all the way”, or what truth it is that you are setting free, or from what, or whom, or for how long, or if it is a personal quest or to do battle with all the possible troubles of the world. My position, as expressed in my post, I hope, is that we develop awareness through experience, if we reflect on the causes and effects of that experience, and intend to learn how we might respond to similar situations in the future in a way that will more likely result in a more favorable outcome. There is no magic to enlightenment, and no dogma, that I know of. It is both a personal quest and a universal one in that if we can help others to see how they might understand their life and develop coping skills, then their future may be healthier and happier. There must necessarily be some degree of personal responsibility involved, and yet we are each, I believe responsible for helping those we can to develop a better way to live, if they care to.

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