All Paths are One Path

Spirit tells me that if we believe in ourselves
then half of the struggle is over.

As in, well begun is half done?


But, how can I know if I believe in myself
or whether I’m only pretending?

We can never know.

But, we do know if we have begun
to do whatever?


But, if we seem to be working alone …

Alone is the only way we can work.

It can feel very lonely.

Then, your mind has wandered from the work
you set out to do.

Then, fight the good fight?

Yes, and trust that there are others,
many more others than you could possibly
be aware of, who are also fighting
your fight, on your side.

I wish I knew what it was all about.

Enlightenment, and clearing the path
that others might follow.

What if they prefer to clear their own path?

All paths are one path.

Enlightenment is Different To Different People

Spirit tells me that the way of enlightenment
is different things to different people,
if only in their different minds, and even
so-called different minds are not really
different at all.

Then, how can we agree on the way to go?


To enlightenment.

There is no way.

No way to enlightenment or no way to agree?


Please explain.

We are each and always have been
in the process of becoming.

Becoming what?

Some call it becoming enlightened.

What do you call it?

What it is.

Then, what is it?

Then, now, and forever the same

What process?

Not what process of becoming?



It would be an intellectual trap.

Would be, or might be?

Would be.


Please explain the process of

Before I explain enlightenment?



I need to bring it all together.


The Path is The Only Game in Town

Spirit tells me that we each follow our own Path of Enlightenment

And that The Path is the only game in town.


Travel along the path requires thoughts and emotions working

Together in more or less harmony, to create our unique personality.


The path of enlightenment does not have a geographical location

As a goal. Instead, it is a personal, spiritual journey or process

To refine the quality of our thoughts and emotions, and the

Actions that express them.


Respect intelligence wherever you find it

Spirit tells me to respect intelligence whomever and

Whatever seems to possess it, for all of Life does, in

Greater or lesser degrees.


Intelligence is a precious gift, as is intuition, which is

A blending of thought and emotion. They are each

Potentials that we can develop through practice until

We refine them into awareness, understanding, and

Enlightenment, and beyond.


What could possibly be beyond enlightenment?


The experience of knowing that we are one, not only

As we are, now, as one, more or less.




Denial and Rejection serve us well

Spirit tells me that denial and rejection serve us well,

While they serve us at all. However, inevitably and

Unavoidably, acceptance of reality wins the game.


Whether or not we eagerly strive toward enlightenment,

Awareness, or a simple acceptance of Life as it is, is a

Personal choice and expresses our Individual style, or

Coping skills – our way of playing the game of Life.


Uphill all the way

Spirit tells me that the path of enlightenment

Must necessarily be an  uphill struggle.


We rise to enlightenment, He tells me.

We do not go down to it, but

There are landslides along the way.

Arrogance is one of them.


Enlightened people are no better or worse than

Those who are less enlightened.

A full container is no better than one

That is only hall-full.

It simply holds more of whatever,

While it does.


Nothing more and nothing less

Spirit tells me that

Other seekers of enlightenment

Who read of my struggle to learn

From Spirit, while maintaining, or

Attempting to maintain, devotion to

Physical as well as spiritual life,

Alone or with others who are

Alone together, more or less,

May find that my struggle

Offers something to think about

That may help them grow in

Understanding of why

Life is as it is, or

Seems to be,

An endless cycle or series of

Experiences, designed,

If they are,

To teach us what?


Spirit tells me that

We share what we care

To share, nothing more, and,

Nothing less.

A Joyous Struggle

Whenever I complain, and

I seem to complain much more than

I care to admit, or even

Remember, Spirit tells me,

In a pleasant and assuring manner, that,

If walking the Path of Enlightenment

Is not a struggle, then

I’m not on the path at all,

But only pretending to be, or

Into denial or illusion.


But, I protest,

Where is the joy?

Then Spirit gently tells me that

The struggle for awareness is

A joyous struggle if

I will only allow it to be.



I Ching 25 – No Error

Today’s I Ching – 25 – No Error

     Heaven above, Thunder below. No Error follows Return in the order of the Hexagrams.

Spirit explains:  Every step we take leads us away from somewhere and toward somewhere else.

We each move Live with awareness; some with more and some with less, our choice.

Return refers to choosing to be aware of having wandered from our personal path and choosing to return to it.

No error expresses the concept of “no blame” which is inherent in the I Ching. Perhaps wandering from The Way of Enlightenment, or Tao, was necessary for us to become aware of where we really want to go, or do.

What does this say to me? I ask.

Figure it out, He tells me.