All Paths are One Path

Spirit tells me that if we believe in ourselves
then half of the struggle is over.

As in, well begun is half done?


But, how can I know if I believe in myself
or whether I’m only pretending?

We can never know.

But, we do know if we have begun
to do whatever?


But, if we seem to be working alone …

Alone is the only way we can work.

It can feel very lonely.

Then, your mind has wandered from the work
you set out to do.

Then, fight the good fight?

Yes, and trust that there are others,
many more others than you could possibly
be aware of, who are also fighting
your fight, on your side.

I wish I knew what it was all about.

Enlightenment, and clearing the path
that others might follow.

What if they prefer to clear their own path?

All paths are one path.

2 thoughts on “All Paths are One Path

    • Dear Antonio, I am impressed with your response to All Paths are One Path. Of course, you probably know the central truth of the statement, as in “all roads lead to Rome”.
      But, it is likely Spirit’s style of teaching that you may find confusing. If so, join the club. He seems to go out of His way to confuse me, at times. But, it is deliberate, as I suspect you sense. He has a purpose – to make us stop and think more deeply about seemingly simple truths. Simple truths are neither shallow nor narrow. All truths are multiple layers, beyond number. It may serve to keep us from feeling too smug about the depth of our so-called understanding. I hope Spirit’s deep compassion comes through, even while he suggests that we’re not there yet.

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