Envy Wants.

Spirit shares gems of wisdom.

Spirit tells me that our spiritual journey through
the illusion that is human life must pass through
many valleys of doubt and wind around dark mountains
and dense forests of insecurity and fear.

We will lose faith in ourselves and even in the existence
of our goal, again and again. But, we will move on and on,
for something stronger and surer than our own will prepares
the path we follow, as the wise ones have always assured us.

Trust in yourself, He tells me. Build confidence on
the awareness of having come as far as you have. How did
you do it? Not without help. All angels and spirit guides
are dedicated to our success. And, so, we can none of us
not succeed. It’s only a matter of …


Not time, for there is none, or none that can be accurately measured.

Then, when we each are ready?


Then, how do I cope with my distress with myself for not
being able to become what I seem to know that I can become,
as quickly as I would like to?

What’s the hurry?

I seem to feel that I’m wasting precious time.

Compared to the progress of some others?


Yes. The need to compete is not entirely socially conditioned.
It is part of our nature, but its natural purpose has been
distorted by social conditioning.

Doing our best can inspire others to do more than they might
otherwise do. It was not designed to diminish others. Likewise,

We should admire those who seem to ee able to do what we

Yes. recognition of excellence is mutually beneficial.
It both expresses respect and inspires us, not necessarily
to be great, but to be the best that we can be. Envy is
neither emotionally nor spiritually a healthy state of mind.

Envy wants what other have without considering the price
some others may have paid for their success?


Spirit Claims to be Aware of My Suspicions

Spirit tells me that He is aware of my suspicions about Him.

At times I do suspect that He is more aware  than I am of my own awareness.

But, I am learning to live with that possibility, more or less.

What are my suspicions? Or, are they doubts?

No, I have no doubt, well, perhaps a little, as to the degree of control He seems to have over me.

But, is He a Spirit Guide, as He claims to be? Or, is He a Muse, sent (by whom?), or choosing on His own to come to inspire. But, to come from where?

The Pantheist in me tells┬áme not to accept any “where” that might suggest a world other than the one I now live in, and there is no other world, or is there?

Spirit tells me that we live in a multidimensional world, wherein, both seen and unseen intelligent, to greater or lesser degrees, beings not only live but interact with us, whether we are aware of this reality or not.

I can imagine that possibility, now that I have learned to accept Spirit’s presence and influence in my personal life We seem to share and co-create our relationship with each other.

Spirit tells me that all creativity expressed on the material or physical level of existence, or Life. is simply the manifestation of an inner relationship with so-called other worlds, of other ways of being.