Ego and Self Serve Each Other

Each day I randomly draw two Tarot cards to prepare myself for what to expect re my relationship with Spirit. Today’s first card was The Nine of Cups, expressed by a very self-satisfied person firmly guarding his treasures. The second card was The Nine of Swords, depicting a tragic figure tormented by regret.

Spirit tells me that contentment is the Middle Way, in which Ego and Self flow into and sustain each other, as do Yin and Yang, or Force and Form, the outer Pillars of The Tree of Life. Consciousness, the central Pillar serves to harmonize them without denying their uniqueness.

3 thoughts on “Ego and Self Serve Each Other

  1. Yes, didn’t Jesus have something to say about those who were neither for nor against him. But, the true middle way is not blah but a continuous dynamic interaction between opposing forces. We can walk the middle way without following a narrow middle which would cancel out either side rather than integrate the best of both worlds. It should never be a straight line but as nature; expressing the mood of the moment.

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