I Ching 38 – Disharmony

Without at least some degree of discontentment at all levels (if there be levels) of life, and in all situations, personal and otherwise, there could be no change, and there is continuous change.

I Ching as a Way to Enlightenment

Today’s I Ching – 38 – Disharmony

Fire above. Lake below.

Disharmony follows The Way of the Family


Spirit explains:


The way of the family serves a social  purpose

And then it changes as the purpose it once served

No longer serves one or some of the individuals

Within the particular family.


Disharmony is a necessary prerequisite to change, and

Change is continuous.


Does that mean that we must always be discontent?


We are, at some level.


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2 thoughts on “I Ching 38 – Disharmony

  1. Thank you Bela for daring to read (or is it a gift to be able to “see” beyond the written words? And, can discontentment be a form of inspiration, especially designed for those like myself, who sometimes need a push. I must share with you something I read only a few minutes ago, supposedly by some enlightened person, who claimed that a true servant never questioned his master. It troubled me for I suspected that my spirit teacher managed to have me read something that I could never offer. Spirit then softly assured me that our relationship was not of that nature. He seemed quite satisfied that it seems to be in my nature to question, even myself. Back to the post. Yes, I agree with you. Perhaps I only struggle because it seems to be the only way available. I’d much rather (or would I?) have my needs provided without effort. Bless you, and beautiful Hawaii.

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