Ego and Self Serve Each Other

Perhaps Ego and Self are one and the same concept, with Ego expressing a less enlightened aspect of our psyche than does our sense of Self.

Simple Seeker Society

Each day I randomly draw two Tarot cards to prepare myself

For what to expect re my relationship with Spirit.

Today’s first card was The Nine of Cups expressed by

A very self-satisfied person firmly guarding his treasures.

The second card was The Nine of Swords depicting a tragic figure

Tormented by regret.

Spirit tells me that contentment is the Middle Way, in which

Ego and Self flow into and sustain each other, as do

Yin and Yang, or Force and Form, the outer Pillars

Of The Tree of Life. Consciousness, the central Pillar

Serves to harmonize them

Without denying their uniqueness.

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2 thoughts on “Ego and Self Serve Each Other

  1. Yes, Bela, Life is a dance, as Rumi and other Sufi mystics knew And, the middle way, Spirit tells me, is not midway between opposites but a harmonizing of them by learning to recognize and resist extremes of either side. He walked me through a lesson of respect for both Law and Order, and Love and Compassion. They, too, can, separately, reach extremes. Rigid rules incite rebellion while too much love and compassion can smother individual desire to exert effort to improve one’s own life with effort, and become dependent and feel entitled. The middle way can pull us together with firm flexibility. What would it look like? I’m not sure, but it sounds ideal.

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