We Live Our Awareness

Developing awareness can so very easily become more of an intellectual pursuit than a spiritual goal.

Grass-Roots Spiritual Philosophy 101

A simple seeker of enlightenment had just realized that

Her spirit teacher had been luring her into believing

That she had developed a deeper level of understanding

Than she suddenly knew was just not so.

He’s a trickster. Her expressed indignation escaped her mind

Before the regret for disrespect could stop it.

Who’s a trickster.

You are.

Of course I am, when it serves us well.

Does “us” include me?


What good purpose could be …


Then, what good purpose was served by leading me …

I didn’t lead you.

You allowed me to believe …

You don’t need my permission to believe what you

Choose to believe

How could I choose to believe that I was more aware

Than I was?

Did you correct your false belief?

Yes, but …


I reviewed earlier stages and discovered one that

Seemed to more accurately describe my level


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2 thoughts on “We Live Our Awareness

  1. Yes. It’s a process to realize ‘we’ are ‘It.’ Choices and consequences are what we can observe. The rest is a mysterious co-creation with All That Is. Nothing or nobody is ‘doing’ anything ‘to’ us. On the other hand, there is much help, if we but ask 😉

  2. Yes, Bela, you are so right about choices and consequences,and thank you for sharing your comment. Life is an incredible mystery even though we are totally involved in creating it. What an awesome responsibility, eh?

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