Existence doesn’t depend on a belief system


Spirit tells me that His existence does not depend upon

My temporary belief system, or my seeming illusion that

We are separate in any real way.


Belief in an individual ego, He tells me, serves us well,

As long as and to the degree that it does. But,

The reality is, we are as separated from each other as

Individual neighbourhoods are separated from

The city that they are a part of..


9 thoughts on “Existence doesn’t depend on a belief system

    • Oh, my dear child, I somehow knew that, sooner or later, someone would ask me, as you have politely done, Jean, just who or what is this Spirit character you talk about.
      The answer is, I don’t know. I have asked Him who He is, or what He is, many more times than one. And, He has given me many more than one definition. I have sometimes suspected he was as The Magician in the Tarot, but His powers go so far beyond those of any human magician.
      He has given me a name for Himself, many years ago, but, my problem is, how could I know he was telling me anything more than He thought, or knew, that I needed to know?
      I have even suspected that He might be from outer space and connecting with me (for whatever reason) via new communication technology.
      So, I call Him, Spirit. He is very wise, in some things. And, in all things He is certainly much
      wiser than I am.
      Spirit tells me that we are all spirit experiencing a physical existence for the purpose of learning from it and also for the pleasure it can sometimes offer, as well as to share ourselves with others.
      We are each unique, He tells me, and, at the same time not separate in any real way from anyone or anything else. We are all connected.
      The problem arises when most everyone is not aware of this connectedness. They focus on themselves (giving, or trying to give me a guilt trip). We do what we can.
      Spirit (the name I give Him, even knowing we each are) has taught me so very much about Life. I only wish He would use His powers, if He could, to make my life a little more comfortable. He claims that materialism is an illusion, but, since we, or at least me, live in this illusion, what’s so wrong with it being a little more comfortable? He seems to think, and maybe He’s right, I’d get too caught up in physical and material comfort to be interested in all that He’s teaching me. Maybe He’s right, eh?
      So, there it is. You possibly know no more about who or what Spirit is than before you asked. Neither do I.

      • How do I know that Spirit exists? How do I know that I exist? I experience both Spirit’s and my own existence. How do we know we are breathing?
        Love, Jean

      • We know what we experience, even if it later turns out to be other than we thought it was when we did experience it. We must exist or we couldn’t ask the question about our existence. But, we may be as actors playing a role in a cast of millions, none aware that they each are only playing a role that we imagine. Why? To develop our awareness of what we really are, consciousness.

  1. I’m impressed with your depth of thought. That’s a traditional philosophical question – How do we know we exist? The fact that you can ask the question proves the answer, but asks another, deeper one. Perhaps our physical existence is a creation of our mind, which, in turn, may be only one dimension or perspective of an unlimited mind.
    But, from my limited perspective, what does it matter, except that living a life that brings happiness and fulfillment to ourselves and to others may be more pleasurable than aggression and/or greed could ever be. And, we would be at peace when our time was up, or our little physical bubble burst. Then, let what will happen. We’ve done what we could with what we have. That’s my simple philosophy.

  2. Dear Cho Way, I can very much understand your question about “Why develop consciousness”. I often ask myself that, or Spirit. Especially when nobody seems to be going there. The truth is that they are all going there, for they all are already there. They’re just not aware of it. The next simple question I would, and I do, ask is then why can’t I be not aware? It’s too late for me and possibly always was.
    How it helps to be aware, more or less, of a larger picture is that it helps us bring clearer perspective to the smaller pictures that we are apart of. Why prepare breakfast when we’re going to have to do it again tomorrow? This simple question provides us with a clue that there is more than just this moment, this breakfast (I haven’t eaten mine yet), and more than just this day, perhaps. So, whatever is happening in our lives at this moment (especially if it’s something we would rather not be happening), it’s only a very small part of our lives. No big deal, perhaps. Most people seem to get so caught up in the moment that they forget that it is only a moment and will soon be gone. Why hate or be even angry with anyone just because they seem to be stupid or mean, or whatever. How can they be what they are not, at least yet. And they all will be much more than they seem to be now, to us. But, they will become what they become, not because of us but because it is in them to be more than they are now, just as it is in each of us to become much more (hopefully not physically – I do like food). We each grow or become what we are destined to become. Try to see them in a more perfect state of themselves, but back away, for now, if you must, while they are still what they now are.
    It’s early in the morning, for me. I do hope this makes sense to you. Why? because you already are a beautiful and perfect aspect of consciousness.
    Love, Jean

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