Accept as so what seems so

Spirit tells me that to accept people, situations, and relationships

As they are is not possible without first knowing what they are,

And that it may not be possible to know more than what

They seem to be.


Perhaps the answer is to accept what seems to be.


To whom?


To each individual.


Let’s bring it closer to home.




Tell me that you will try to accept what seems to be, until it seems

To be other than it seems to be, now.


If there is no general consensus on how things are, then how

Can we relate to people with different understandings of

What seems to be?


Dialogue offers an opportunity share our personal understanding

And to learn how others view the same situation.


Others may see something that we do not, and we might share

Something that others have missed.


Of course, even dialogue may still result in our view being

Dismissed by the other, or we may dismiss the other views.


In which case…?


Then we see Life as we see it and let others see it their way.


Case closed?


Case closed.






Life is both Serious and Mysterious

Spirit tells me that there are times when I seem to forget that

Life is both serious and mysterious. Life, He claims, is as a

Stage play, with each of us involved in many relationships at

The same time, while professional actors are usually only

Required to be part of a very limited number of situations

At the same time, and there is no lifetime development of

Characters on the stage.


But, He cautions, never become disinterested in or disconnected

From the interwoven web of relationships in my so-called

Real world. They are designed to serve me and everyone else.


Lessons are learned and practice sessions are provided.

We each progress in our own way and there is no time limit.

We live forever.


How we learn who we are

Spirit tells me that we are as individual sparks of Life

Experiencing life.


We learn to know who we are and what we are by

Experiencing relationships with other sparks of Life,

Of intensities that may differ, in some way, or ways,

To our own.


They are, these other sparks, what and whom they have

Become, as are we.


The strengths and weaknesses of other sparks

Provide us with a means of knowing our own, by

Comparing ourselves with others.


This awareness is not meant to be used to judge

Others, nor ourselves. Differences exist and are

As a gift to everyone.


How would it be possible, He asks me, to know

Anything, if nothing or no-one differed, or seemed

Not to,, from anyone or anything else, in any way?

How could we grow? or be aware that we had, or

Had not?


Awareness of differences can serve to inspire each

Of us to become, not as any other, but all that we can,

And in this way, inspire others to do the same,

Not be the same.

Opting out is not an option

Spirit tells me to be aware of what is happening around me

As I move through time and space, and as they move

Through me, and to be aware of how I contribute to

Whatever is happening, and I do contribute, He tells me,

To every situation that I am aware of, as well as to

All others.


We are each related to all that is, which also includes

Ourselves. We move or are moved through situations

That provide us with opportunities to respond from

Our unique perspective – a moving perspective.


We are each, at least to some degree, responsible,

Claims Spirit, for the creation, result, and future of

Any situation we are part of, and we are part of



This is too much for me. I protest. What if I don’t

Want to play this game?


Opting out is not an option, He tells me. That’s not

In the rules.


Who wrote the rules?


We did.


Who are “we”?


You and I and everyone else.




In the beginning.


The beginning of what?


The game of Life.


When was that?


There was no beginning.









Plastic bricks in a wooden wall

Relationships are like that, Spirit tells me.


I ask Him to explain, for He is a he, or so He claims to be, and

Even though I cannot see Him with my human eyes, all other

Of my senses confirm this claim.


Perhaps masculinity and femininity have this in common, in that

We each are what we each are, from our own perspective, and,

Of course, that of others.


But, I ask, What if I am mistaken (I hesitate to use the term, wrong).

What if we are all mistaken?


Spirit dismisses my doubt with, What if we are? What if I am?

What difference would it make to anything?


I cannot believe what I am hearing from my wise teacher, or at least

Considered to be so by me, until now.


Stop. He’s doing it again, leading me into a trap; luring me

Into a false sense – or is it false? to see with only my own eyes

And dare to accept that what I see is, perhaps, not also seen

By others, even supposedly superior others. Unless, of course,

They do see and only pretend not to, for whatever reasons of

Their own.


When someone is not playing fair

Spirit tells me that a good mantra

To guide relationships is,”If

Someone is not playing fair,

May it not be me”. Of course,

This noble thought does not

Change the situation, and

If we find a need to recite it,

It has become an accusation,

An awareness that someone,

Not me, is not playing fair. But,

Perhaps I knew that, and it does not.

Solve the problem of relating to

Someone who does not play fair.

So, now what?



I Ching 33 – Withdrawal

Today’s I Ching – 33 – Withdrawal

Heaven above, Mountain below. Withdrawal follows Constancy in the order of the Hexagrams.

Spirit explains: Constancy suggests enduring, but, nothing lasts forever, at least not in this physical and material world.

The Universal Law of Interdependence refers to relationships, such as; give and take, come and go,

Does that mean you are leaving me? I ask.

Yes, It does not mean that.

Then what?

Wait and see.