Challenges Raise the Bar

A spirit teacher shares timeless wisdom with me,                   but it seems to require never-ending intellectual,       emotional, and spiritual development. I obviously              don’t have what it takes to absorb what He seems                     to think I can. I struggle, as many others surely do,                  to live within constraints not entirely of my own        choosing.

Spirit claims that I do choose and am trying to avoid
accepting responsibility for choices I freely make.

But, how free are we to make choices when often
the choice I seem to need to make is the lesser of                   two or more unacceptable options?

Spirit is unimpressed with my whimpering. It                  doesn’t move Him. Constraints, He tells me, are          necessary to future progress in any discipline or                 area of human development, including spiritual,     intellectual, or physical, in that they provide                challenges to our present level of skill, as well as            serving to soften our ego’s otherwise smug sense                     of satisfaction in the moment of victory.

Challenges that we have struggled to face and            overcome, He claims, seem to whisper in our inner              ear, “Perhaps we should raise the bar”.

2 thoughts on “Challenges Raise the Bar

  1. Jean, I anticipate the time when ‘His’ voice and yours will be known to you as One. That you are able to hear this wise part of yourself means more than you perhaps know. This “never-ending intellectual, emotional
    and spiritual development” is the invitation. Clearly, you have taken up the mantle. Kudos to you, dear one!

  2. Bless you, Bela. I wish I was made of more than I seem to be capable of becoming. But, rather than seeking to be one with my Spirit teacher, I want to learn from Him somewhat of the depth of understanding and awareness He has in order to become, what? I don’t know. Perhaps it comes through our posts that I feel both attracted to and resistant of His confidence in His own knowing. Perhaps we each serve the other, more or less. Channeling His wisdom is perhaps considered by Him as service in lieu of tuition fees?

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