There is no lasting structure

Spirit shares gems of wisdom.

Spirit tells me that everything I say or do should be for a reason
that I understand and can accept responsibility for.

He encourages me to live life here and now, day by day, and to create
a living and lived philosophy of life, and to become what I know I can
become; more and more what I really am, by living with purpose and

That sounds beautiful but how do I set attainable goals.

These are attainable goals.

But, the horizon is too distant and unattainable for me. I need

Yes, and there is none, none that is lasting.

9 thoughts on “There is no lasting structure

  1. ‘. . . to create a living and lived philosophy of life . . .’

    What does this suggest I wonder? Not so much creating ‘structure’ and formulating ‘attainable goals’, but something more passive, vital and immediate perhaps? What is it that can be engaged outside of prescriptive strictures, that is itself at once a living and lived philosophy?

    A fascinating article, for which many thanks.

    With gratitude and respect, Hariod.

  2. Dear Hariod,, Thank you so much for reading my posts with an open and yet questioning mind. We must dare to question whatever does not make simple sense, even if it means questioning those whom others might consider to be speaking with authority or in the name of an authority they represent. You are a seeker after my own heart.
    And, even though I sometimes feel guilty questioning Spirit, He knows that I must and if I pretended to accept what I can’t possibly accept unquestioning, He would know,, so, I ask myself, What have I got to lose? If He would strike me dead (if He could) for being what and who I am, then He would surely have done that dirty deed a long time ago.
    There is no creativity possible from a passive perspective. We, none of us, were designed to live passively. It isn’t possible. We need to experience life; we do experience life, whether we try to suppress a need to interact with it or not. And, we each possess different qualities and quantities of every possible human attribute, both negative (from a rigid and authoritarian perspective) and positive. We need to learn to walk the middle way, but not from a narrow perspective.
    There is a saying about working both sides against the middle. I like it, as long as it means accepting the best (meaning that which suits our individual lifestyle – our chosen path. A wide middle way, meandering between and yet not reaching extremes.
    Spirit teaches me, and we share that teaching through the posts on jeanw5. He tells me that I am jean (small j) and He and some others (4?) are with me (not as buddies, of course, but to use me to share a simple but deep philosophy of life to those who can relate to my simplicity (without necessarily being as simple as myself).
    There are more than enough, He tells me, who would teach spirituality from a theoretical and/or abstract position, as well as, and many more who miss the purpose of living intentionally by seeming to think that claiming to love everyone could solve the challenges that we each face in our daily lives, relating to the way we live, and to live to serve ourselves as well as we can, without intentional harm, or even unintentional but through carelessness, to others or to the environment that sustains our physical life.
    I may have wandered from your comment, Hariod, but I sense that you agree that passivity for its own sake is unacceptable, Even between Spirit Teacher and a simple seeker there is mutual respect and acceptance that we each learn in our own way. Spirit tells me that our way is one-to-one.
    That’s true even with parents and children. There needs to be one-on-one communication. It isn’t a matter of equality, as Spirit has persuaded me that there is none, there are differences that need to be respected. We each have capacities .. I’m getting carried away.
    Thank you so much for engaging in the study. It wasn’t designed as a one-way-street.

    • Dear Jean,

      I feel I can only read your posts ‘with an open and yet questioning mind’ as I’m still a little unsure as what’s going on in your dialogue with your Spirit Teacher. This uncertainty exists simply because I have never had one myself, though I have at times in the distant past felt very connected to certain deceased (let’s say), ‘Buddhist’ teachers. There’s no point in my being sceptical about something I have no experience or knowledge of, so for me, there is only the option of remaining completely open or non-judgemental when reading of your experiences.

      You say ‘There is no creativity possible from a passive perspective . . .’ and ‘I sense that you agree that passivity for its own sake is unacceptable . . .’ When I used the term, I was referring to a certain psychological passivity in which the volitional side of the egocentric self is subdued. So the passiveness is not any way limiting as regards creativity, and many artists speak of how creativity flows unimpeded when the volitional doer of the imagined self is absent. Maybe we have some crossed-wires here, but that’s not surprising given the limits of the medium.

      With warmest regards and great respect, Hariod.

  3. Dear Hariod, Language, the spoken, necessarily has limitations. The word “passivity” can express itself differently, to different people, in different situations and within different situations, and even then when coloured, or shaded by specific depths of encounter or experience, past or present.. And, of course, controlled passivity is not really the same as one wherein there is no need to be restrained, or to restrain oneself.
    When I put my own questioning nature on hold in order to be open to receive what Spirit is willing to share, He knows that I am not pretending to be what I am not. I am expressing respect and appreciation for the opportunity
    to learn from Him. I also know that He would not wast His precious time with me, otherwise. So, I have motive.
    I am a total failure as an artist. I have tried and, I believe, that even with inspiration and hands-on assistance from a muse, I would still be a failure though the results of my efforts were accepted as a success. The painting would not be mine.
    That,seems to be the problem I have with Spirit. Some readers may suspect arrogance, on my part, or another extreme emotion, humility. And, for many, one of these two may be true, or more or less true. Neither is for me.
    My pledge to serve Spirit share His wisdom teachings is, of course, as a devoted and grateful follower. But, it is also one of expected return. I very much need to learn from Him. Everything else is extra. I’m still one of the crowd that says, Me first. Of course, Spirit does not always oblige in such a straight mannered way. He often takes me by complete surprise, with a so-called punch-line that I learn no sooner than my readers.
    It isn’t easy, but I know I am blessed to even be considered for, let alone be accepted to assist Him.

    • Thank you for clarifying your position further Jean.

      Yours appears to be a path of devotion, which, in so far as I understand such ways to knowledge, is both a potent and demanding one. It’s also perfectly natural, indeed logical, that you should expect something in return for your devotion; and I fully understand this. Would it be fair to characterise your path as one of surrender too?

      If I may say so, you sometimes appear rather dismissive of your worldly attributes – e.g. writing, painting – and I wonder if this kind of referencing is part of the devotional path you tread? Is this perhaps not more a case of comparison rather than any objective and fair-minded appraisal of your personal skills and attributes?

      With gratitude and respect as ever, Hariod.

      • You are too kind. It makes me blush. Oh, that it were so and I was more than I know I am. But, the advantage of being less than I would be if I could be is that I seem to know that someday (in perhaps a far-off life) I might yet be.
        If you could peak behind the scenes and witness personal struggles with Spirit, you would understand that acceptance can be modified with reluctant, at least in my case, some of the time, and is very undevotional.
        I very much appreciate your feedback.

  4. We will each learn more and there is so much to be learned.
    Can you believe that I returned to my computer, from enjoying coffee out on my dear secluded patio, meditating on the foliage of two trees moving in a sensuous lovers’ slow dance together. Picture two masses of foliage; one plum coloured and the other various shades of green, depending on movement into and out of light. They are grounded to the earth due to their root structure while I can move, only because I have feet,; a benefit of being human.
    I wanted to more clearly explain to you about what must seem as a strange relationship with Spirit. I have deep respect and gratitude toward Him but my devotion goes far beyond Him. He has played, I believe, the sometimes overly authoritarian male deliberately to rouse my indignation, and then he responds more as a wise elder.
    He is not the end of my journey. We each serve ever-higher forms and formless teachers who serve … it surely must go on forever. Spirit and I also serve each other’s needs. They say (whoever “the” are) that you can never really understand anything unless you can explain it to a six-year old. I serve as his six-year old, and also, through me he can reach out to, possibly, and quite probably, more advanced students than myself. But, He, too, is as a six-year old (from my understanding) compared to the teachers who teach him.
    And the teaching and learning is not only hierarchical in nature but must surely be lateral and every angle between. It’s like the traditional family tree that, more and more seems to resemble a tangled bush than a tree.
    Thank you for sharing my study with Spirit.

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