There is no lasting structure

Spirit shares gems of wisdom.

Spirit tells me that everything I say or do should be for a reason
that I understand and can accept responsibility for.

He encourages me to live life here and now, day by day, and to create
a living and lived philosophy of life, and to become what I know I can
become; more and more what I really am, by living with purpose and

That sounds beautiful but how do I set attainable goals.

These are attainable goals.

But, the horizon is too distant and unattainable for me. I need

Yes, and there is none, none that is lasting.

The Horizon of My Mind

Spirit suggests that I visualize Him as

The horizon of my own mind, and to

Attempt to come closer to Him.


This concept seems to fit our relationship

Very well, for, as I draw closer to Him,

To His thinking, sustained, to some degree by

The gems of wisdom He provides

My sponge-like appetite,

I never seem to be able

To reach the understanding,

Awareness, and depth of knowing

That He possesses.


Even knowing, or believing that I know

Much more than I ever did, before

He came into my life,

He seems to be able to encourage

My development without fully

Satisfying it. Why?


That would end the game, He tells me.

What game are we playing?