We are variations of a basic recipe

Spirit tells me that my ego is my sense of self. This allows me

To see myself as the centre of my personal universe,

Even knowing that,


At the same time, ten thousand times ten thousand others

Are also seeing themselves as the centre of their

Personal universe.


This perspective is a special gift, He tells me.

It provides harmony and purpose.




When each of us looks out onto everyone and everything. else,

We necessarily compare, not ourselves to others, for we do not

Know ourselves directly.


But, when we look out onto diversity we become aware of

What perspectives or attitudes we are more attracted to,

And these express our own, at any particular time..


Awareness of this reality allows us to understand that

We are as cookies.


As cookies?


Yes. Cookies come in a great variety of shapes and tastes, but

They are all made from a more or less basic recipe of

Cookie dough.


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