The shattering of a way of life

Spirit guided my hand as I drew the card,

The Tarot card XVI (16) – The Tower.

I could have guessed.

The image visually displays

An explosion. The tower is shattered,

And two people are sent falling into

Whatever hostile environment, below.

This graphic image represents a

Crisis; financial, physical, emotional, whatever.

Everything is gone. How

To go on. For me it was an

Ending of a relationship that,

Perhaps never existed. Could it

Have been an illusion? Anger

At my disclosing that Spirit was

With me and within me. Does he

Really believe me. Or, does he suspect

That I have lost my mind, if

I ever had a mind to lose.

Communing with Spirit? Of course

It was foolish of me to even think

That he might believe. But,

Why the anger, if I am happy

In my illusion, if illusion it is,

And I am. I feel blessed, but,

What a price to pay; rejection by

Someone I love.



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