Abuse as beauty – in the eye of the beholder?

Spirit seems determined to force, or almost force me to face my understanding of the concept of abuse.

And, before you suggest (He was reading my thoughts, again) that my focus on abuse is itself abusive, consider the idea that you may call abuse in much the same way that a certain story book character called “Wolf”.

There is no similarity whatsoever.

You sound annoyed.


As if I was being abusive in suggesting the similarity?


I was being abusive?


Yes. Perhaps I’ve proven my point.


There was no similarity between your almost eager claim or complaint of abuse and the story. But, hopefully, you can now see how eager you were to claim a self-righteous position by threatening me with the label of abuser.

I was reacting from habit.

Yes. Why?

Perhaps I lacked the skill to..

No. You took an easy way out.


It saved you from facing the situation and accepting that calling “abuse” protects your so-called ego, that has no need of your efforts.

Then, are you telling me that abuse does not exist?

Yes, I am not telling you that. But, it cannot exist unless you acknowledge it’s existence.

What I consider verbal abuse may be no more than someone’s personal style?

Yes, sometimes. And, it expresses where that person is in his or her emotional or intellectual development.

And, when I take it personally, then it expresses where I am in mine?


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