Zero to Hero

Blogging 101 – Assignment 1 – Self introduction.

How to introduce myself – now I remember – as in real University tutorials – tell us all about your life in two minutes.That being rather impossible and likely to put everyone to sleep, I’ll stick to the program questions:

  • Why am I blogging instead of keeping a journal? I have a dream, or at least at one time I had a dream of eventually writing a book.
  • What topics will I be writing about? I hope to integrate philosophy, psychology, current social topics, local and global politics, and mystical spirituality with references to and from as many of the ancient, and not so ancient wisdom sages from whatever tradition I become interested in, and I’m interested in them all.
  • Who would I like to connect with on my blog? All sincere thinkers.
  • If I blog successfully throughout the next year, what will I hope to have accomplished? I want to develop my unique style and voice, as a (ready or not I must tell you) channel for an inner voice whose identity is a mystery to me, for now.

14 thoughts on “Zero to Hero

  1. Developing a unique style and voice has been by far my favorite thing about blogging thus far. Good luck to you as you start on this journey, I promise it is well worth it!

    • Dear HeartStarts, Thank you for your good wishes. I’m so glad you’re with me on this one. So many seem to think it as an ego trip to need (and, for me, it is a need) to learn to express myself as me, and in the process develop a deeper understanding and awareness of what “me” means to and for me.

      • It is not an ego trip at all! Learning to express yourself and find a way to interact with people who understand how you do that is very important!

  2. You are so great, HeartStarts. Of course, you may change your mind when you read the deep (almost too deep for me to understand myself) thoughts I seem to need to share with the world.

  3. Hi Jean,

    I’ve read the comments on your thread and do agree with you that some people will believe it’s an ego trip.

    But, speaking for myself, and maybe some would agree, writing has always been easier to explain feelings, wants, prayers, legalities, etc etc etc.

    I wonder why some think it’s an egotistical hobby?

    I’m guessing they’ve always been able to verbally communicate with ease.

    Not sure, but enjoyed visiting with you all on your thread.

    Have an awsome day.


    • Dear Bonnie, Sometimes I wonder myself if I’m on an ego trip when I share my thoughts and emotions with people via tweets and blogs, who may not have a clue of what I’m trying to express. Perhaps blogging 101 will help me to gain self-confidence as well as a little skill in blogging. And it free, so far. Isn’t that great. And let others think what they will to.

      • Jean, honestly, I’ve felt the same as you from time to time. And, even when I read your earlier statement I thought of people who may think badly of me, or I’m trying to do something egotistically. Then I think of Jesus. (I hope you don’t mind the Christian statement, but it’s the best that i can think of). When it states that people in his own hometown where he grew up denied him. They thought, he was a joke. I have lost many old friends on FB for posting my poetry, or saying things about writing and the exhilaration and pleasure it gives me. But, don’t athletes and others also experience this when the crowd gets anxious and possibly jealous. Everyone wants to find their nitch. They don’t want to hear it because you/I/anyone no longer fits into their idea of what you/I/or anyone should be. Judgement. We all do it. Now, I’m preachy. Sorry.

        Anyway, let me know what you think.

        It’s good to chat with you.

  4. Jean– I was thanking a friend for supporting my blog endeavors and he said the best thing to me– “Do the damn thing!” I know, not super deep, but I couldn’t help but think the same thing when I read that you have always wanted to write a book.

    I wish you all the best in your writing endeavors! May you find your voice, write that book, and “do the damn thing”!! 🙂

    • Dear Erika, I love you so very much. You are an absolute inspiration. You couldn’t imagine just how much I seemed to more than want to write the damn thing. I needed to. And, perhaps that was an ego trip that I had pledged the universe to avoid. But, how? There was a book within me, screaming at me to let it out, but I had pledged to share it when an inner guide said, now. It didn’t happen and I’m running out of time. There was so much inspiration to share. But, what were my primary motives? Surely other writers don’t have that problem of ownership. It doesn’t seem fair that I should. Now, it isn’t that important (a lie). I will hold out, forever if I must, but not eagerly, and that can’t be considered as “surrender”. Surely, holy and sacred surrender to a higher will should be joyously willing. I’m not. I’ve just accepted that it isn’t my choice, or I go back on a sacred pledge. No win. Don<t get so entangled with inner voices. They can be so demanding.

      • Sounds like you are conflicted about it, but maybe your blogging journey will give you more clarity and some peace about it, and your motivations. I think the need to share and be heard is almost primal. And I don’t think it is something to be ashamed of. If you have inspiration to share, I bet there is someone out there who needs to hear it!

  5. Dear Bojenn, Jesus was a prophet of higher values than most people seemed to be living. Some would have known what he was saying, and why. He wanted everyone to understand how precious life is. Some preferred to be negative and resented him. They didn’t want to hear his Good News. There are a lot of unhappy campers in this world who resent those of us who believe life can be beautiful and that we have a sacred duty to express ourselves with whatever gifts we have. It’s what we do with what we have that matters. I used to (like for ten thousand years or more) let some others distress me more than you might believe. Now I understand that they can’t be where they are not. I seemed to expect that if I did more then it would be all right between us. That was an ego trip. Now I can accept that people are as they are and they see life as they see it. Someday they will, I believe see it the way I do (maybe that too is an ego trip). But, for now, let them attack me if they must. I’ll just try to step out of their way. I finally learned the lesson I was meant to learn during this lifetime; unconditional love. I didn’t think that was possible. Now, I can love everyone, for, like me, they are living their life, their way, until they find a better way. That can only happen in their own time and in their own way. Life is so curious. So, please, believe in yourself and love yourself. The world needs you just the way you are.

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