Zero to Hero

Blogging 101 – Assignment 1 – Self introduction.

How to introduce myself – now I remember – as in real University tutorials – tell us all about your life in two minutes.That being rather impossible and likely to put everyone to sleep, I’ll stick to the program questions:

  • Why am I blogging instead of keeping a journal? I have a dream, or at least at one time I had a dream of eventually writing a book.
  • What topics will I be writing about? I hope to integrate philosophy, psychology, current social topics, local and global politics, and mystical spirituality with references to and from as many of the ancient, and not so ancient wisdom sages from whatever tradition I become interested in, and I’m interested in them all.
  • Who would I like to connect with on my blog? All sincere thinkers.
  • If I blog successfully throughout the next year, what will I hope to have accomplished? I want to develop my unique style and voice, as a (ready or not I must tell you) channel for an inner voice whose identity is a mystery to me, for now.

New Beginnings require endings

Spirit tells me that

New beginnings require endings.

We each must learn

Through experience, how far

We can go in making

Concessions to please others,

For whatever reasons.


There is a limit, He tells me,

That only experience can

Teach us.


When it becomes more painful

To hold onto than to let go, then

A chapter in our Life ends, and

A new one begins.


Even then, we may still be

Involved with whomever or

Whatever we have let go of, But

It will never again be as it

Once never was.