Awareness as an Option

A simple seeker meditates on Destiny and Fate, and being as an acorn.

Grass-Roots Spiritual Philosophy 101

A simple seeker was meditating on the four Tarot
queens until her mind seemed to rest, or focus, on
The Queen of Cups.

What about her?

I seem to relate to her.


Her throne has a high back, as does my new patio
recliner, except that she looks much more at ease
than I feel in this high and over-sized, for me,

Perhaps elegance has always been part of her life.
Is hers the style to which you would like to become

No. It’s too late.

It was always too late.

Why is that?

We each have a path prepared for us.

Isn’t that fatalism?

No, destiny.

What’s the difference?

Fate is imposed from outside sources and/or forces.

And destiny isn’t?

Yes. Destiny is not.

The acorn theory?

It’s more than a theory.

How would the results be different?

Fate allows for no adaptation to the journey

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