A Restless Spirit

How sure are we of what we are seeking, if we are seeking anything that we don’t already possess? Spirit asks me such difficult questions.

Grass-Roots Spiritual Philosophy 101

Simple seeker, what is it that you claim to be seeking?

Why do you say “claim”?

How sure are you of what you are seeking, if you are seeking
anything that you don’t already possess?

In which case …


Does it matter?

Yes, we should know what it is that we do not now possess,
and yet seem to need to.

Perhaps …

Yes, anything we might wish to have can be categorized under
one general heading.

Peace of Mind?

Yes, and to the question you are almost ready to ask,
the answer is yes, it is possible to possess peace of mind.
Would you like it?


Yes, a restless spirit, after my own heart.

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